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Jan 3, 2013 07:41 PM

Places that we have to try during our 3 day stay in SA?

My wife and I are going to be in SA (she has a confrence)on a saturday and leaving on mid day tuesday, what are the go to places for a real local SA food experience,we are both foodies and enjoy the local spots when ever we travel and not the tourist/chains.PS We will not have a car,

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  1. If you've never been to San Antonio I think you will enjoy Mi Tierra, Rosario's, Boudro's, Azuca and maybe a Taco Cabana!

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      I second Mi Tierra...their carnitas, Mexican hot chocolate and filled churros are great! Also enjoyed Boston cream pie cheesecake at Madhatters Tea House.

    2. Unfortunately, without a car you're going to be somewhat limited, public transportation is not good and cabs are expensive.
      You can take a river boat up to the Pearl Brewery area, there are several excellent restaurants there: La Gloria, Il Sogno, Sandbar and Nao. Also two new ones, I don't know the names.

      1. If you are in the downtown core, hop on a trolley and journey to "Southtown" for several terrific restaurants...Monterrey, Bliss, Azuca, LeFritte, and others. Your hotel desk will give you a route map for the trolleys and you have the best transport in SA...and it is cheap!

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          Unfortunately for the next year the trolley only goes to Cesar Chavez and then turns right as they are doing work on S. Alamo so it does not pass Azuca, La Frite, Rosario's etc etc.

        2. I wish posters checked recent threads......this one from September '12, covers some of what you might be looking for from the "foodie" perspective. New since then:Bakery Lorraine, Boiler House, Granary (all in Pearl vicinity), Hot Joy (Sun-Mon nites only) and Bite(both in Southtown).
          Lots of threads here cover local spots (concentrating on tex-mex and BBQ). Not sure if there's a venn diagram where those intersect.
          No car, no problem if you're staying downtown. Southtown and Pearl accesible via trolley,short cab ride, pedicab, river taxi or even walkable if you're inclined.

          1. Thank you the suggestions, we are CIA Alumni and have reservation at Nao so far