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Jan 3, 2013 07:36 PM

Baby friendly Japanese restaurant?

Can anyone recommend a good Sushi/Sashimi place that has highchairs and is open for lunch. I called a few of our old favorites to no avail...

Thanks in advance ^^

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  1. I thought I posted a reply but it never hit the board. My luck i'll have two similar replies to you here . Anyway, I'm not sure what neighborhood you are in, or how old the child is. I recently went to Ichimura where a friend and fellow CH'er took her infant in a baby carrier harness thingie, and it was not a problem. That place isn't really the best spot to take a baby and it's not open for lunch , but if you do early dinner at any of the places it will work too.
    That being said, Takahachi in Tribeca I see children of all ages. So I recommend it. They also have an EV location. they have sushi, sashimi and cooked food,,They have creative rolls and the fish is fresh.
    I used to take my kids for sushi when they were babies. When they were around 4 and 6 we went to a place called Taka where the sushi chef tied the chopsticks with rubber bands and made it easy for the kids to use. '
    Dinner time Ninja works. Aki on W4th should be fine with a child. But back to Takahachi, here's a link on an article I found referring to kid friendly sushi.

    1. l second Takahachi in the EV: my gf has been taking her two young daughters there since they were toddlers. They're very friendly and accommodating, and the food is very good.

      1. whatever you do, if you do have to bring a baby to a sushi place, please make sure you sit at a table and not at the bar itself...

        i still have nightmares of the time i went to Sushi Ike in LA and a woman held her baby in her arms during much of her a meal (a few seats away from me at the sushi bar) and the baby proceeded to vomit intermittently onto the bar and the woman laughed and smiled throughout...

        There is a reason that your calls were to no avail at most sushi places...

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          LOL I was kind of nervous with my friend's infant at Ichimura. The smallest and quietest of sushi bars. But This was the best baby ever. The baby acted way better than the obnoxious loud, drunk people at the last sushi place i went to.
          But I hear you. A table is a better move.