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Jan 3, 2013 07:12 PM

Magnolia Ray- Woodfin,NC(Asheville)

I understand this restaurant just opened in the location of Baja(not my favorite) Anybody tried this southern establishment?

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  1. We were there last Friday evening which was their second night open. We usually don't try someplace that early in their life but the other places we checked on Merrimon were packed.

    They are still waiting for a liquor license which will be wine & beer only.

    The shrimp & grits was excellent. I found the rice & red beans with sausage a bit dry and it could have stood more seasoning . We enjoyed our meals and the service and will return.

    Their menu is on Urban Spoon and background articles on line from the Citizen-Times and Mountain Xpress. He was the chef at Avenue M before this.

    1. Actually, we went to Magnolia Ray last night. We had rice and beans and the special Magnolia Hamburger both were very good .
      The Hamburger was cooked to order and was very special, the orzo pasta salad was served too cold.
      They need better sides and the menu needs more dishes -quite limited -but I am confident that this will improve over time
      Service was excellent.
      I think this establishment shows great promise and hope they succeed . This could be a great addition to the North Asheville-Weaverville area. GOOD LUCK to the Kaufman's