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Dec 5, 2005 05:17 PM

Great Mexican in Palm Springs??

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Any suggestions of where to go for great mexican food in palm springs?

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  1. I like El Mirasol at 140 E. Palm Canyon, especially the shrimp diablo. It has a nice patio and good margaritas.
    If you like slightly funkier, homier places, I used to frequent El Gallito in Cathedral City, and it seems to still be popular, according to Citysearch.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Best authentic Mexican Food is served at EDGARDO'S on North Palm Canyon. Very creative.

    2. El Gallito is by far the best in the valley. Only beer maybe some wine, but, great food.

      1. Las Casuelas (PS), Rincon Norteno (Indio), Taqueria Tlaquepaque (PS), El Ranchito (CC), Teresa's Cafe (Indio), and El Pollo Dieta (Coachella) are all EXCELLENT. Growing up in a Mexican household, these are the only places that have impressed me (so far) with their authenticity.

        1. I really enjoyed Guillermo's on El Paseo in Palm Desert. Great shrimp dishes. Went back and took a group of colleagues, and they loved it--especially the margaritas!

          1. del rio's- discovered it on a road trip, and it was AMAZING! Fabulous lobster fajitas and perfect nachos!! I wish I lived closer- killer cravings!!