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Jan 3, 2013 06:53 PM

It's Indian Now?

Dinner with my foodie daughter and I has now changed from Italian to Indian for our Saturday night. We have dined at Copper Chimney and it is a viable option. Looking for any suggestions outside of the Chimney option.

Thank you

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  1. Bombay by the Lake in Etobicoke. A hidden gem.

    1. only been there once, but i liked aravind quite a bit. very casual setting, but rather more refined cooking. it's keralan, which i gather involves more fish & vegetables, and less butter/cream/heavy sauces (though i'm no expert!) it's easily accessible by TTC too, which is a plus.

      1. Aravind on the Danforth. At one point Lahore Tikka House in little India was getting a lot of buzz, but I haven't heard anything lately.

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          LTH is still amazing. Shocks me every time at how good the food is at that price-point.

          1. re: biggreenmatt

            Not as much fun in the winter as eating on the patio!

          2. re: dubchild

            +1 for Aravind

            LTH is great but you need to be ready for the atmosphere, I know that it's not quite the "restaurant in the middle of a construction site" it once was but there's still some of that.

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              LTH is terrible.
              I know you specifically asked for Indian - but I would consider the Afghan restaurant Bamiyan Kabob in the Thornecliffe area. It's not far off the DVP, so it's easy to get too.

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                I love Bamiyan Kabob for what it is but would always caveat that with a) it's fast food counter service b) it's a bright and sterile room (and very clean), c) not surprisingly for the cuisine of a muslim country, no liquor licence. Go for the food sure, but there is NO atmosphere to speak of.

              2. re: dubchild

                Just went to LTH tonight with the fam for the first time in a year or two. The place is still rocking it (and possibly might be even better than before). We got the usual: vegetable combo sizzler (lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower, potato, spinach), chicken tikka and chicken kebab rice sizzler, beef nihari, and whole wheat chapatti.

                Beef nihari is still succulent, the meat cooked just right so that there's a gelatinousness to it. The combo sizzler was very well-seasoned and cooked. Unlike previous ventures when the vegetables were a bit overcooked, we didn't find that to be the case this time. The folks commented on how greatly improved this dish was compared to previous visits and my dad pretty much wolfed the whole thing down (saying a lot since he's nearly a carnivore). Chicken tikka was moist, and the chicken kebabs were delicious as usual (though that was probably the weakest thing on the table).

                While I thought the dinner was a tad better than previous times, my parents thought that it was a vast improvement over a restaurant that has always been pretty good. From what we could gather from the staff, they hadn't changed chefs, but had learned to make some of their dishes more mild (which we all agreed ended up being better though we all love heat). And of course, the true litmus test: there were tons of Indian/Pakistani families waiting for tables. $48 with tax/tips.

              3. I'd probably head to Aravind.

                FoodyDudey recommended Sher-E-Punjab a few times. I'd think that's another safe bet, but I haven't tried it yet.

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                  Sher-e-punjab is a good choice if what you want is the standard Northern/Punjabi dishes well executed in a nice room.
                  We've been going there for 25+ years and the menu has barely changed, you won't find anything adventurous here. Chicken Tikka, saucy curries and the like.

                2. Trimurti on Queen West or Dhaba on King West. Maroli on Bloor West.