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Jan 3, 2013 06:12 PM

Best store-bought kimchi?

Looking for some kimchi jar recommendations in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, West LA, Westwood,Koreatown). Leaning toward Granny Choe's at the moment. Thanks!

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    1. In Ktown there are 2 family owned shops that I know of. Kae Sung Market and Somseeneh. Kae Sung is spicier, more fermented, thin slurry for both the kimchi and the cubed radish (kkak). Sonseeneh has a thicker, sweeter slurry. The veggies are crisper and bigger. Two different styles and both excellent. I think they are both cash only and closed on Sundays. While you are in the neighborhood if you are also in need of sesame oil, Chong's is close by does fresh pressed.