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Jan 3, 2013 04:48 PM

Cheese and Beer Pairings

Some of my favorite pairings are sharp Cheddar and a roasty stout, and an IPA with Gruyere.

What are your favorites?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I like a super old gouda with porter.

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        Once a quarter I travel through the Amsterdam airport on business. I always pick up a large wedge of aged Dutch gouda in the duty free. It goes great with most any beer I have paired it up with.

        On a side note, there are a host of cheeses that the duty free will not sell to me because my boarding pass has me on an American flight. I presume it is because they are raw milk cheeses that have not been aged long enough. I have got to figure out a way to get my hands on some of those.

      2. I made an a very interesting pairing with Tallegio and a dark beer called Back in Black - it had an seaweed like taste that was quite addicting. That was the hit pairing at my event.

        1. Virtually any British Farmhouse Cheese is excellent with malty beers. My favorites are Montgomery's Cheddar, Kirkham's Lancashire, and Berkswell. From France I like any of the mountain cheeses like: Gruyere, Morbier, Epoisses, and good Raclette-types and country cheeses like Salers, Cantal, roquefort, and saint nectaire (though good ones are rare). Most Swiss Cheeses are excellent with flavorful beers, my favorites are: Val Bagner and L'Etivaz, but most are good.

          From Spain there are lots of great beer-drinking cheeses: Mahon, Manchego, Valdeon and cabrales, Idiazabal (pronounced Ee-dee-thee-a-ball), Roncal (arguably the best Spanish cheese), and zamorano are all excellent choices.

          Italy also has great cheeses for beer drinking (though there aren't many top notch beers from there). My favorites are Fontina D'Aosta, Gorgonzola naturale, and Taleggio (which is quite smelly and is often of dubious quality).

          And of course, many of America's cheeses are also very good with beer: Jasper Hill, Vermont Shepherd, Woodcock farm, westfield's classic blue, and many more.

          I don't think being too specific is helpful, but hoppy beers aren't usually as cheese friendly as malty and/or tangy beers.

          1. New posting, I know, but I remember selling BierKase cheese in the diary section of the grocery store I worked in. Google says it's pungent and related to Limburger. Anyone familiar with it? I remember it fondly with a cold Piel's wide mouth and dark bread.