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Place for Wedding Lunch Reception - Group of 20 with Kids. Not familiar with area, please help?


My fiance and I are planning to have an intimate wedding at the City Hall on a weekday June of 2013. We are looking for a place to eat lunch after the ceremony with family and friends of 20 including 4 kids and a baby with a budget of $1000. We are from San Diego but his family is in the Bay Area. Buffet or brunch is preferrable but any place near City Hall with a wedding-vibe ambiance is nice. With a small budget I am not sure if this is even possible. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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  1. My friend did exactly the same thing and the biggest problem is "decent" lunch places that aren't diners or delis.

    My friend had originally booked Cheesecake Factory and I talked him into going to Kuleto's instead. They were very happy with the ambience, meal, and service.

    1. Absinthe is walking distance from City Hall and has some private dining options that might be in your price range.

      1. You might try Sociale in Presidio Heights. They have a beautiful patio that is great for parties.

        1. Also, you should know that there are no buffets or brunches on weekdays except the Indian buffets...

          1. Absinthe Brasserie serves brunch on weekends. Maybe you can arrange something for your special day.

            1. Congratulations on setting your June wedding date. Will all 20 guests attend your intimate wedding ceremony at City Hall?

              If a 20-minute drive to another lunch reception can be considered... call TPC Harding Golf Course at 99 Harding Road
              San Francisco (415) 664-4690

              We booked a post wedding brunch at The Cypress Grill in June 2012. The site, food and service were delightful. We pre-ordered each entree and saved the cake cutting fees by doing it ourselves. Parking is a plus.

              Otherwise, Absinthe would suit your plans for your special day.

              1. It will be more fun to walk to Hayes Valley than to pile in 5 cars and try and find parking wherever you end up. There are some great options there besides Absinthe. Zuni Cafe is always great, but call them with your plans so you won't go over budget.
                Rich Table, Sauce, Suppenkuche, Bar Jules (dinner only, I think). Hayes & Kabab is a great cheap deal and a fun spot, even for kids.
                Heading east, Brenda's or Burmese Kitchen.
                Pisco or Espetus on Market are good, if they're open.

                1. Thanks everyone for all your help! After all the headache and stress of finding a place, my fiance thought that maybe we could have the wedding at the Oakland City Hall instead since it could accommodate 26 guests in the ceremony versus 6 in San Francisco City Hall. His parents live in Oakland.

                  Will it be too much to ask, if you can suggest places to have the reception near Oakland City Hall? I appreciate all your feedback.

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                    Unfortunately, a lot of downtown Oakland consists of cheaper, ethnic restaurants for the working-class crowd. "Wedding-vibe ambiance" is going to be a lot harder to come by... Flora is the first one to come to mind.

                    Your biggest struggle is going to be your budget. $1,000 for 26 people is $38 a person. There are some great dinner restaurants nearby (Commis, Plum, Wood Tavern, Baywolf) which might be up for a lunchtime buy-out, but it would cost you more.

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                      Call Inspire Productions and inquire about a catered lunch for 26 at the Kaiser Roof Garden/The Garden Room for after your Oakland City Hall Wedding in June.



                      The Roof Garden is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.