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Jan 3, 2013 04:23 PM

Bar Mitzvah Morris County

Looking for a reasonably priced place for about 100 people. I have visited the normal typical catering places, around $100 adult, $60 kid including tip, etc but looking for maybe a non traditional place to have an event.

Any ideas? No need for Kosher. Would prefer to ditch the adults and make it a kid party. Have looked at powerhouse.

Maybe a restaurant or BYO place?

Anything else? THANKS.

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  1. How about a Chinese banquet at Noodle Chu?

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    1. re: Curlz

      Thanks. Too casual. We want to have a DJ if it's at a restaurant type place.

    2. Have you considered renting out a bowling alley, or perhaps a gym. I know my kids went to quite a few at gyms, where there were a lot of choices for kids to keep themselves occupied. You can also have a DJ there, and have it catered for relatively inexpensive by going for lots of finger foods, salads and a few 6 foot heros. You can hire a sketch artist, bring in a photo booth company etc.

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        LifeTime Fitness in Florham Park has kids' parties (and a rock-climbing wall!), but I don't know how all-out you can go in terms of food/DJ, etc.

      2. Confetti in Randolph

        1. A tad outside of Morris County, but I just passed the Codey Arena (near Turtle Back Zoo and McLoone's) in W. Orange and they have a huge sign saying "host your party here"

          1. We recently held my younger brother's 8th grade graduation party at Monster Mini Golf in Fairfield. We rented the place out for the night and had like 75 kids there. They don't cater so you would have to look into that yourself but it was an amazing party and the kids all had a blast.