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Jan 3, 2013 02:21 PM

Lunch or Dinner South of Sarasota

I'm back with essentially the same question as last year: we'll be staying about 20 minutes down Rt. 41 from downtown Sarasota, looking for anything interesting for lunch or dinner in the area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Where exactly and what kind of food are you looking for? There's tons of restaurants all over.

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      We're pretty open, generally looking for something more Chowish than chainish, local color of any kind is good. Last year had lunch in a pretty funky BBQ roadhouse on 41 near Stickney Point Rd (not the more corporate looking one further up the road). My favorite lunch spot is Star Fish, but that's up on the other end of town. We're from Boston and we have plenty of good ethnic restaurants, so at the risk of repeating myself I guess I'm looking for anywhere that has an emphasis on local ingredients and isn't too corporate looking,

    2. We love Inan Thai on 41 near the Phillppi Estate.

      1. I like the Casey Key Fish House on Blackburn Point Road, and Captain Eddie's right on 41, near Venice.

        1. Grrrr, I hit reply and my post is here goes again.
          You can check them out online or Trip Advisor, but these are the places I like.

          Walt's Seafood Market, good seafood platters, lot or variety, reasonable prices.

          Burgers....Gecko's or Cheeburger Cheeburger (The Landings)

          The Table Creekside right by Phillippi Creek Oyster House has been getting good reviews.

          I'm trying to find some good Chinese food in this town...normally would have recommended Mrs. Chen's but lately I think it's slipping.

          On 41 near Stickney used to be Legacy, then Bogey's and just opened again, Harry's...haven't been there yet.

          Demetrios for Italian, heard they have good pizza and pasta but have never been's on the to do list.

          1. About 20 minutes south on the 41in Nokomis is Curry Creek Cafe. We really enjoyed our meal there when we visited back in November. Checked out the local beaches then popped in for lunch. I went for the Nasi Goreng (mmmm!) but the word from the table next to us was that anything sea-food is fantastic too!

            Great, chowish experience, the chef will be chatting with you for sure!