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Where can I get some good chorizo for home use 2012/2013?

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So where can I get some good chorizo for home use? Want to make tacos and such. Brand recommendations (if widely distributed) or local mexican market will suffice.

I'm in NoHo and would rather not drive more than 15 miles for chorizo.

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  1. Smart & Final...various makes and sizes, pork or beef or ?

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      Whatever is good. Gonna need to be more specific than S&F...

    2. Huntington Meats at The Farmers Market, 3rd & Fairfax.

      1. There should be a carniceria within 15 steps of you in North Hollywood that carries bulk chorizo. Since they make their own, just try it. It's a good sign if it look like they sell a lot of it.

        Stater Brothers makes their own chorizo from lean pork. No draining required. It's the opposite of the Carmelita chorizo , available in all the grocery stores, that comes in tubes and melts into a flourescent paste.

        In Baja Mexico, small supermarkets will have various chorizo sausages hanging from the ceiling. These are good too, but I haven't seen those around here. It's probably against the health code.

        1. Vallarta Markets makes their own.

          1. el mambi in glendale.

            1. El Rancho on Alvarado just north of Sunset on the west side of the street in Echo Park.

              i haven't been in a while but they make their own, and they have freshly made or some that is aged. it depends on the use and texture that you're aiming for.

              1. This rec is probably not quite what the OP has in mind, it's in Santa Ana in the OC and this is not your typical Mexican style Chorizo that we think of - there is no or very little of that orange grease in these babies.

                The place is Ochoa's Chorizo, on Warner (west of Main Street) in Santa Ana. This is a family-run place, and all they make is chorizo*. It's made right there on the premises, and you can buy them by the whole or a half-link (the links are about a yard long!)

                IIRC there are four kinds, a mild pork, a hot pork, a green pork (from jalpenos) and a chicken. They are all truly delicious, and quite lean so you can grill them without fear of a grease fire.

                Note that it's cash-only, folks.

                * Actually that's not quite correct, they also make outstanding salsas, a green and a red. You need to get both of them ! Also the chips and tortillas they sell are locally made and excellent. The chips are the thin version and are my idea of the perfect tortilla chip. A huge bag costs almost nothing.

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                  my parents are actually in Santa Ana so this is pretty good news! Thanks for the heads up.

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                    Oh, very cool !

                    Hope that you or your family get to check it out soon,

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                      WOW just looked at the pics on Yelp and it's exactly what I'm looking for.

                      I'll check this out next time I'm in SA. Need a similar place in LA!

                2. Before driving to SA I'd check Yuca's on VanOwen & Vallarta on Sherman Way.