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Best soup for a cold?

What soup might clear a stuffed-up nose?

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        Nobody mentioned menudo? I'm surprised. Squeeze a bunch of lemon in and thinly sliced scallions and chopped cilantro, heaven for a cold or not.

      2. Spicy Thai coconut with chillies and ginger! Made some last week.

        1. Ok...I'll be the one...chicken soup! With lots of vegetables...and a bottle of rooster sauce on the side.

          1. Hot and sour with hot mustard, or chicken soup with matzo balls.

            1. all good suggestions so far...

              My best ever was kim chee chi gae. I was coming down with a cold, and the Spousal Unit took me out to a local Korean restaurant for dinner, and suggested that I order kim chee chi gae. The waitress looked at the SU (Japanese American) then at me (curly blond hair, blue eyed white girl), and back at the SU as if to say "does she *know* what she's ordering?" SU smiled and I got the hottest soup I'd ever had. Cleared the sinuses and I'm convinced it shortened the duration of the cold!

              1. I like xochitl soup when Im feeling sick!

                1. I vote for anything hot and sour: besides the eponymous, you can go with tom yum, canh chua, sinigang or pozole rojo if you've got the appetite.

                  1. It's not quite a soup, more of a tea...... Simmer 1 chopped head of garlic in 4 cups water for 15 minutes, strain and add 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup honey or to taste. Drink throughout day.

                    1. Well, think hot & sour sour is kicked-up cousin of chicken soup... LOVE IT!

                      Was teaching ESL students a while ago and was coming down with cold. Asian ladies showed up the next day with a theermos of hot, ginger "tea" and yummy ginger "candy". Was TOLD to drink it all and munch on candies ginger even if not sick... great for upset stomach.

                      1. Chicken soup. Clinically proven to work! (Yeah, grandma was right all along.)

                        Also, any soup with a lot of garlic is good for a cold. (Even a plain sopa de ajo, which is mostly just hot water + garlic, can do the trick.)

                        I also agree with the hot and sour rec.

                        And, not soup but tea -- peel & slice some fresh ginger root, pour hot water over it, let it steep for a few minutes. Add some lemon juice & drink it hot. Very soothing.

                        1. Pho, with a heaping tablespoon of chili/garlic paste (rooster)

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                            That's also a great hangover cure.

                          2. All soups with lots of liquid, based on water are great! I even like drinking noodle water after boiling the noodles in it.

                            1. Menudo- white, with a lot of cilantro, lemon, and scallion. A LOT. Especially lemon and cilantro.
                              Okay, that's what floats my boat.

                              1. Yukgaejang. Korean spicy beef soup. Just google some images of it and you'll start feeling better. Should you find even a passable rendition to taste for real, you'll breathe free evermore.

                                1. um...feeling ike i'm stating the obvious, but mom's chicken noodle soup

                                  1. Ok

                                    Hot (spicy) soup will clear a stuffed nose, but I question if it will in any way heal you quicker. In fact, if you have a soar throat along with a stuffed nose, then a hot spicy soup can worsen the throat.

                                    Chicken soup, on the other hand, provide much nutrients and can speed up the healing -- but not clear a stuffed nose.

                                    I also like to make ginger soup during cold/flu. Ginger is not really spicy, but it does have a kick which mildly ease the stuff nose and comfort a sore throat.

                                    1. Chinese oxtail soup with a shot of Johnnie Walker (Red) as a chaser.

                                      1. No soup will clear a stuffed-up nose, except for the short-time you're eating it and a little afterwards.

                                        But a hot & sour soup will make you feel better for those few minutes. Unless you don't like hot and sour soup, in which case it wont and you should substitute whatever you prefer.

                                        1. Avgolemono soup, with an extra wedge of lemon on the side, is one of the best soups for a cold. I'd also recommend goulash soup, tortilla soup and pozole.

                                          1. I had a bad chest cold...went to eat some Pho..made sure I included all the condiments..and all kinds of stuff came out of my respiratory system.

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                                              Been a long time since I've had Pho...tell me what condiments you used. I suffered with a chest cold that Would Not Die last month, and next time it happens, I'll be prepared. :-)

                                            2. When I am sick, I always order a good few quarts of wonton soup. It doesn't necessarily clear out the passageways but it at least makes me feel better somehow.

                                              1. Bun bo hue. Don't know if it cures me, but I sure feel better.