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Jan 3, 2013 12:52 PM

North Shore Oahu honeymoon questions

Hello all! Chouwhounders have been invaluable to me in the past, and I'm hoping you all can help me out again!
My husband and I will be taking a slightly belated honeymoon to Oahu mid-February. We've rented a beautiful little villa on the in Waialua, North Shore, and also within biking distance to Haleiwa.
We have been lucky enough to be able to travel in the past, but neither us has ever been to Hawaii (we live in Nova Scotia, Canada).
We are hoping to do some dining out, but would also like to prepare some of our meals in the villa.
So, Chowhounders, I have 2 questions for you:
1. Would you recommend us to bring any essential food ingredients with us? I've been on islands in the past where it has been very difficult to get staple items, and having never been to Hawaii, I'm unsure.
2. Do you have any Chowhoundworthy not-to-miss eats suggestions for us? We will have a rental car, so getting around will not be a problem. We are adventurous eaters, and love hole in the walls just as much as fine dining (if not more!) I particularly love baking (it's my undoing)
Many thanks!

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  1. Not sure what you include as a staple, but if you have a favorite tea that's not Lipton, you might want to bring that. Also, I have not ever seen a jar of Marmite for sale here and the types of cheese available in Waialua/Haleiwa will in all probability be very limited.

    1. As for "staples," I cannot really help, but there are two (actually three, but with a caveat) restaurants, on the North Shore, that I can recommend.

      I would head to LuiBueno, in Haleiwa Town, for some good, and interesting Mexican-influenced fare. Their fish tacos have been excellent. Just do not let the server pour your white wines (small, eclectic, but nice wine list), into chilled glasses.

      Twenty-one Degrees North, at the Turtle Bay Resort, has impressed us, over about 5 trips.

      Now, here comes the caveat. We have liked Jameson's in Haleiwa, but others tell me that it has declined in the recent past. We missed it on the last two trips to the North Shore, so I just do not know. We were horribly unimpressed by Haliewa Joe's (old Chart House), though it came with very high recommendations. I hear that the one in Kaneohe is better, but it too was a Chart House, the last time that we dined there.

      Most of all, enjoy, and aloha,


      1. regular malasadas at leonard's bakery in waikiki

        coco puffs and chantilly cake at liliha bakery. the diner food is great, i especially enjoy the waffles, but avoid most of the other baked goods, especially cheesecake squares, doughnuts, and hotdogs in buns

        napples at any zippy's with a napoleon's bakery

        pecan, strawberry pies at anna miller's in pearlridge

        st germaine's bakeries are supposed to be good; i have not been for years

        1. In Haleiwa the 'must do list' include shave ice from Matsumoto's and a burger from Kua Aina. I've always liked Jameson's, was there twice in the past 7 months and had good meals both times (both times were fish specials I think.) There used to be a decent farmer's market, but it has moved to Waimea, I can't remember what day of the week, but probably worth looking into. Bill Hunt's rec's are right on the mark. At Luibueno's I tend to stay away from the 'fancy dishes' but the fish tacos and burritos are great, and the ceviche was amazing last time i was there (early December.) Pizza Bob's is also good, the pizzas aren't cheap, but tasty.
          At the south end of Haleiwa there is a group of food trucks down in a shallow gulch. The shrimp trucks and the Thai truck there always seem to garner good reviews.
          There are a number of threads about North Shore foods, check them out and come back with specific questions.

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            Some new recs. in the area, at least to us. [That is why I love this board - people get to places that I have never been to.]