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Jan 3, 2013 12:17 PM

Meat CSA/Farm Share/Club in New York?

This year, we did our first vegetable/fruit CSA through Stoneledge Farm and loved it and are interested in doing something similar for meats. I'm having trouble finding information about clubs or CSAs that are operating in New York City, does anyone know of people who could hook us up or have had experiences with a group?


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  1. doesn't stoneledge allow you to get meats through an affliated organization? (I belong to stoneledge in their northern westchester branch, and I know I can get meat; I choose not to since I'm afraid it's too expensive for my blood)

    1. Jimmy's No. 43 has been a pick up location for a meat CSA in the past, but I don't see anything on their website. Here is the only link that they have.

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        I know Jimmy's worked with the Piggery for a pork CSA several years back, and we really liked it. However, their website makes it sound like they aren't in that exact business anymore.

        There might have been another one as well, as there were other people there on pick-up night (with beer specials for those picking up!). I'd call Jimmy's.

      2. Thanks for the info! I don't remember anyone talking about meat through sStoneledge at our location but I will look into it. I'll also ask around about the Piggery one.

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          It may be that the meat is a separate thing set up for our csa and has nothing to do with Stoneledge

        2. The original comment has been removed