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Uses for cooked crab

juster Jan 3, 2013 12:12 PM

We keep getting steal after steal ($2-$3/lb) on cooked crab legs at the grocery store. Sometimes king, sometimes snow. It's hard to pass up, so I'm looking for some new ideas. We've had it plain with butter and mayo, crab salad sandwiches and avocados, crab quiche, crab cakes, crab omelettes, crab-stuffed mushrooms, crab louis, crab rangoons . . . Do you have any great recipes or ideas for crab? Any style of cuisine welcome. TIA

  1. Bacardi1 Jan 3, 2013 12:24 PM

    Here's a quick one we enjoy. Since I'm not as lucky as you are re: crab leg sales, I usually make it with surimi (& it turns out quite good), but the real thing works as well.

    Bacardi1 “Jade and Coral” (Broccoli and Krab/Crab)
    (adapted from WOKCRAFT, by Charles & Violet Schafer)

    1 large bunch of broccoli (at least 3 medium crowns)
    12-16 ounces “Surimi” – aka imitation crabmeat – chunk style, flake style, or leg/stick style cut into bite-size pieces – OR – King Crab or Snow Crab leg meat cut into bite-size pieces
    Approx. 2” piece of fresh ginger, peeled & grated or minced
    2-3 cloves garlic, peeled & roughly chopped
    1 tablespoon sugar
    ¼ cup dry sherry
    ¼ cup soy sauce
    Peanut or vegetable oil for stirfrying
    Cooked rice of choice (white, brown, Jasmine, Basmati) for serving

    Cut broccoli into fairly equal-sized florets. (If stalks are fresh/young/tender you can peel them down to the tender white center, dice them up, & use them as well.) Bring a pot of water large enough to hold broccoli to a boil. Blanch broccoli for 3 minutes & drain in a colander.

    Combine ginger, garlic, sugar, sherry, & soy sauce in a small bowl & set aside.

    Preheat wok & add a few dollops (about ¼ cup) of oil & swirl slightly (& carefully!) to lightly coat sides. Add drained broccoli & stirfry for a couple of minutes. Add “krab” (or crab) pieces & continue stir frying for another minute. Add in sauce mixture & stir fry for another couple of minutes or until everything is heated through. Serve immediately over rice.

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    1. re: Bacardi1
      juster Jan 3, 2013 03:14 PM

      Great ideas, everybody. Thanks! I have to say, the broccoli-crab combo sounds odd to me, but I'll try it based on your recommendation.

      1. re: juster
        Bacardi1 Jan 3, 2013 04:21 PM

        It's actually quite good. And the original recipe it is based on was one the original authors enjoyed in China several decades ago.

        I didn't change much - mostly amounts & the cooking. I like slightly pre-blanching broccoli before stir frying, otherwise it can end up undercooked or too browned depending on the heat of your wok.

        But everything boils down to personal preference. I won't be insulted if you don't like it, but it's definitely worth a try. My husband didn't think he'd like it either, & now it's one of his favorites.

    2. hill food Jan 3, 2013 12:25 PM

      I hate you.(smirk)

      but seriously I did crack a Dungeness for a solo xmas and with the leftovers stir-fried scallions ginger and somen noodles in a little porkfat and sesame oil.

      1. Bacardi1 Jan 3, 2013 12:29 PM

        Two other ideas?

        Sub crab leg meat in for lump crabmeat in "Crab Imperial". Any recipe for it that appeals for you (there are dozens).

        And I'm sure crab leg meat would make a delicious addition to mac & cheese. Just look at a few "Lobster Mac & Cheese" recipes, which are very popular at the moment.

        1. JungMann Jan 3, 2013 12:54 PM

          I always really loved stuffed crab, which range in styles from lightly bound crab cakes stuffed into shells to elaborate pork and crab meatballs:

          1. c
            ChiliDude Jan 3, 2013 01:43 PM


            1. p
              Philly Ray Jan 3, 2013 01:49 PM

              You can simmer them in tomato sauce and they impart a wonderful flavor. Then, just serve over pasta and crack the legs.

              1. a
                alliebear Jan 3, 2013 01:59 PM

                Yum. How about enchiladas?

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                1. re: alliebear
                  Jeanne Apr 14, 2013 03:30 PM

                  There used to be a restaurant in Nags Head, NC on the Outer Banks that served seafood enchiladas. I would always order one shrimp and one crab. They were covered with a type of white sauce. They were SO good.

                  It was a restaurant that had been there for years in a very old ocean front building. One of our hurricanes damaged the building and the restaurant closed and the building demolished. I miss that place!

                2. d
                  Dcfoodblog Jan 3, 2013 03:36 PM

                  Crab is great addition to soups. Things like gumbo and even Tom Yum. In fact i like crab better in Tom Yum because it doesn't get tough.

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                  1. re: Dcfoodblog
                    juster Jan 3, 2013 03:59 PM

                    Ah! That's one I forgot -- last month I made tom yum for the first time ever (just with a jar of paste you mix into water) and added crab. It was good! I'll do that again, and maybe try some other soups. Nice wintry idea, great. These ideas will really help me mix it up. Everything sounds so good (and doable).

                    1. re: juster
                      hill food Jan 3, 2013 04:17 PM

                      Tom Yum - excellent winter food or cross it with a congee.

                      1. re: hill food
                        juster Jan 3, 2013 05:35 PM

                        Hrm... Could you elaborate on how I might go about that? Like, cook the rice in the broth, add crab, or . . . ? I've never made or eaten congee, though I know what is is, essentially.

                        1. re: juster
                          hill food Jan 3, 2013 09:53 PM

                          pretty much that's it (how I do it anyway) is it "right"? I don't know or care. I'm constantly tasting and adjusting. adding some new whack-job ingredient and tasting some more. sort of a stone soup approach. so the rice gets soft and mushy - it's just gruel. it's essentially what Dickens had them feed Oliver Twist and Charlotte Bronte gave Jane Eyre. cheap (depending on the ingredients), easy and suited for large quantities.

                      2. re: juster
                        seamunky Apr 14, 2013 07:32 PM

                        Another good soup is White Asparagus and Crab soup. It's often served at Vietnamese banquets or holiday gatherings.


                    2. LaLa Jan 3, 2013 04:09 PM

                      Deviled crab
                      Crab dip...either hot or cold
                      Crab bisque

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                      1. re: LaLa
                        juster Jan 3, 2013 05:41 PM

                        Mmm, dip sounds good. I'll look up some recipes. If I get a deal near Super Bowl (not unlikely, as not many people seem to catch this deal) I could do that then (we're not football watchers, but do Super Bowl Sunday just as an excuse to eat snacks . . .)

                        I think I need to look up "devilled". I've only ever had devilled eggs, but have heard of other devilled things, just not sure what it means. Is it like spicy hot with mayo?

                        1. re: juster
                          LaLa Apr 14, 2013 07:17 AM

                          Deviled is a spicy breaded mixture in thr South...so good!

                      2. v
                        vttp926 Jan 3, 2013 05:53 PM

                        Bun rieu cua which is vietnamese vermicelli meat and crab soup

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                        1. re: vttp926
                          docfood Jan 3, 2013 06:33 PM

                          crab cakes, crab cakes, crab cakes, oh my, I love these.
                          Crab with cocktail sauce made from ketchup, horseradish, lemon, and tabasco.
                          Crab in paella
                          Crab salad

                          You are so lucky to find crab, my jealousy is intense as i live here in the upper midwest.

                          1. re: docfood
                            hill food Jan 3, 2013 09:58 PM

                            docfood - if you have an asian/seafood grocery, check it out. at one in the lower Midwest (STL) I found 'fresh, recently live' Dungeness for $3.99/# I used it fast and it was fine.

                        2. m
                          MAH Jan 3, 2013 07:02 PM

                          I just made a Thai inspired risotto with red curry paste and finished with baby spinach and leftover crab claw meat. Not at all conventional, but tasty.

                          1. Terrie H. Jan 4, 2013 07:15 AM

                            I make a recipe from an old Rick Stein cookbook that dresses spaghetti with a sauce of olive oil, a little garlic, big pinch of chili flakes, a little diced tomato, lemon juice and parsley with snow crab meat. The sauce ingredients are just warmed together - do not let boil. It's quick and delicious.

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                            1. re: Terrie H.
                              juster Jan 4, 2013 01:19 PM

                              I just made this for lunch, with the addition of some parm (no cheese with seafood, I know). It was simple and tasty. Thanks!

                              1. re: juster
                                Terrie H. Jan 4, 2013 01:55 PM

                                I'm glad you liked it! After I posted I remembered that I have sometimes added capers. Do have to say that I wouldn't add cheese, but I know most people love cheese on their pasta. Just wish I had your $3-a-pound crab!

                              2. re: Terrie H.
                                Bacardi1 Jan 4, 2013 01:41 PM

                                I do something nearly identical to that when I have leftover Blue Claw Crabmeat on hand. Only real difference is that I sometimes toss in a handful or so of baby arugula.

                                1. re: Bacardi1
                                  Terrie H. Jan 4, 2013 02:06 PM

                                  I miss the days when I could say I had leftover blue crabmeat! I've lived in Maryland all my life, but no longer can afford our crabs, as I'm on a tight budget these days.

                                  I use this prep as starter when snow crab legs are on sale - the meat from one large cluster can stretch to 4 appetizer servings and still feel special.

                                  Arugula would make a great addition.

                              3. Veggo Jan 4, 2013 07:29 AM

                                Steak Oscar, or my poor man's version with pork tenderloin I call pork Felix.

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                                1. re: Veggo
                                  Beach Chick Apr 14, 2013 11:21 PM

                                  Pork Felix...you frigging slay me.


                                2. a
                                  ARenko Jan 4, 2013 08:11 AM

                                  Crab fried rice. The one from Dancing Shrimp is good if you can find it online.

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                                  1. re: ARenko
                                    calmossimo Apr 14, 2013 10:33 PM

                                    I second the crab fried rice. I don't know about Dancing Shrimp but I've had some amazing crab fried rice at a local Thai restaurant. I would have never thought to use crab in fried rice but it's so good!

                                  2. Bacardi1 Jan 4, 2013 01:40 PM

                                    Here's a link to a recipe from Saveur magazine that I saved for my own use for a "red" King crab sauce. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting. One note - looks like Saveur neglected to remove the original "1 lb. lump crabmeat" that the King crab legs were supposed to take the place of.


                                    1. s
                                      stlacy Apr 14, 2013 07:51 AM

                                      I love devilled eggs with crab. Mash the yolks with a little grated onion, bit of mayo and some Dijon. Dill. Fold in crab and pile the filling into the whites; top with chopped chives.

                                      1. q
                                        Querencia Apr 14, 2013 10:41 AM

                                        I'm filing your post along with "Oh dear whatever shall we do our mango tree is loaded with 900 ripe juicy mangos". Our hearts are broken for you in your tragedy..........

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                                        1. re: Querencia
                                          hill food Apr 14, 2013 01:50 PM

                                          makes you cry just the same.

                                          1. re: Querencia
                                            juster Apr 19, 2013 09:58 AM

                                            I know, right? But it seems that they've permanently raised the price to $6 a pound, so we're not getting it as often. Such a bummer.

                                          2. j
                                            jbsiegel Apr 14, 2013 05:46 PM

                                            A couple ideas:

                                            Crab Imperial (google for a recipe. My mom always made it and served it in big seashells, but you can easily make it in a casserole dish.)

                                            Crab Lover's Brunch Casserole: http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/crab...

                                            (We buy the Phillips Jumbo Lump at Costco...love it plain!)

                                            1. letsindulge Apr 14, 2013 07:19 PM

                                              Crab Enchilada Suizas (verde cream sauce)?

                                              1. s
                                                seamunky Apr 14, 2013 07:28 PM

                                                A delicious Vietnamese dish: Glass Noodles with Crab....yum!

                                                Here's Charles Phan's recipe:


                                                Note, that's not a very good picture of the dish.

                                                1. c oliver Apr 14, 2013 07:44 PM

                                                  Here's a recipe for a crab corn chowder that I've made a few times and loved. Giving the CH link cause I made a change or two.


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