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Jan 3, 2013 11:58 AM


Anyone know of a really good baker? I would love a caterer who specializes in cakes

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  1. What kind of cake? Or a variety of cake? What's your budget?

    What's the difference between a caterer who specializes in cakes and a bakery with good cakes? Sounds like you also want delivery and serving of the cakes, too?

    1. Depending on your budget, location, flavor preferences, etc.

      Two Little Red Hens
      Lady M
      Momofuku Milk Bar
      Cafe Sabarsky

      1. I am talking about a chocolate cake, not a heavy cake, an old fashioned, light, moist cake with butter icing. Not a fancy bakery cake. I do not like the sugary style cupcake things that are so popular. I was hoping to find a caterer who just does cakes.