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Jan 3, 2013 10:53 AM

Sab E Lee - Black Mountain Rd Outpost

By chance we got there the very evening they opened at the new location. We sampled a range of standard dishes incl. pork larb, papaya salad, basil chili w/ minced chicken, drunken noodles w/ shrimp, chicken wings, penang curry w/ beef - all excellent. (Only exception offhand was fried rice w/ Thai sausage, which was pretty dull. Would skip that one.) Space is pleasant and attractive, the staff very welcoming. Service was excellent throughout. Remarkable they could pull this off at such a consistently high level on the opening day. Place is firing on all cylinders - the best meal in the area in some time. Can't wait to get back and explore the menu further. Fingers crossed they can sustain it over time. Let's show them some support!

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  1. Do you know who is running it and their relation to either of the 2 existing restaurants?

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    1. re: karaethon

      The new place is attached to the Linda Vista location and has nothing to do with Coby's Santee store.

      1. re: ibstatguy

        In the same shopping center as Vons
        13223-2 Black Mountain Road
        (858) 780-0022

        Don't know who runs it, but same owners as the Linda Vista location.

        1. re: Island

          Black Mountain Road spans quite a few areas - specifying "Rancho PSQ" would have been a little more specific.

          1. re: RB Hound

            Rancho Peñasquito Towne Center.

            Black Mountain Rd between Ted Williams Parkway and Carmel Mountain Rd.

            I was hoping it would be closer to Mira Mesa Blvd so I'd have another option for lunch :-(

            1. re: RB Hound

              RB Sorry forgot to mention RPQ, previously you asked which shopping center in the new resto thread and that's what stuck in my mind.
              Address is specific and easily Googled for those who don't know the area.

              Diva it's a quick shot up Black Mt from Mira Mesa if you're near the Edwards Theatre complex, but I take it you're further W?

        2. I went there last night and it is a very welcome addition to PQ. We have a few places that are OK, a few that are just appalling and finally we have good Thai food. We got there at 7:30 and it was packed. I think they need to expand :)

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          1. re: DeLobstah

            They did say there were plans to create an outdoor dining area in front with heaters. That may take some time though. Glad to hear the new location is being recognized.

            1. re: DeLobstah

              DeLobstah other places do you like in the area?