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Jan 3, 2013 10:00 AM

Early dinner for a group near Abingdon Theatre - 312 West 36th

A group of friends will be traveling from MA down to NY to see a friend's play at the Abingdon Theater in early February. Hoping to find recommendations for a good restaurant that can accommodate a group of 8 to 12. Any cuisine could be considered. Thanks!

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  1. When will you know the head count? Some smaller restaurants max out at 8 people, so it makes a big difference.

    What's your budget per person before tax, tip, wine drinks?

    That area is right by Penn Station, a bit of a dead zone for restaurants.

    How is the group arriving? Via train? Bus to Port Authority?

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      Thanks. I will probably have a head count in the next couple of days. Most of us will be driving down, and some will arrive from Brooklyn, a couple from Manhattan (but they're vegetarians and don't eat out much!). Budget wise, I would say $50 - $75 pp w/drinks. Maybe we need to look at another area if that area is a wasteland. We can always take a cab.

      1. re: JunieB

        Hmm, the vegetarian friendly aspect plus a large group plus being somewhat close to the theatre will make it challenging.

        Company aka Co takes some reservations before 6:30pm for big groups. I'd give them a call.

    2. Just a follow up. We ended up eating at Il Punta which is just around the corner from the theatre. There were 4 couples, everyone enjoyed their meal, and the restaurant was very accommodating - they graciously gave us separate checks! We had about 4 or 5 different people waiting on our table. Water glasses were continually filled and they expertly handled all of our requests without even one misstep. We had a large table in a back corner of the restaurant which was very quiet and out of the way.

      Everyone was very pleased with the food and drink. It's been too long to remember all the dishes but I had a bolognese entree which was excellent.

      In walking around after dinner we discovered that there were quite a few restaurants within easy walking distance of the theatre and they all looked busy. I would definitely recommend Il Punta if anyone is looking for good food in this area.

      Oh, and the vegetarians and gluten-free members of the group were very happy with their options. All of them raved about their meals.