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Soil for rosemary

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After having someone steal my potted plants, including my large pot of rosemary (I have no idea who would do this) and moving to another apartment, I'm starting my herb garden back up. I have some rosemary clippings that I want to try propagate. So far I've managed to get by without buying potting soil, but that's not an option this time. A few months ago I bought a bag of cactus, palm, and citrus soil for another plant. I know rosemary likes well-drained soil, so would this work, or would this be too well-drained?

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  1. I've had rosemeary growing both inside and out in plain old dirt and it has done fine.

    1. I have two pots of rosemary growing well in generic potting soil...Miracle Grow plus whatever was in the potting soil bin before I added it.

      1. I've used Cactus soil in the past and it was very light. I grow Rosemary in regular soil so that might drain too rapid in a pot. Sorry to hear some one stole your plants. What a bummmer! ;(

        1. I've use regular soil with good drainage and had great results. Last go around I tried a soil mix of my own creation with mostly coir (coconut husk). Because coir has no nutrients I was feeding the plants with a weak fertilizer. The habenero plant loved this treatment but the rosemary died.

          1. We have a rosemary 'bush', well over 3' tall at the back of the herb garden. Gets a dose of Miracle-Gro, plenty of sun and let it go.
            Good luck

            1. Rosemary plants do very well in soil that is rocky, lean and, alkaline. It needs well drained soil and usually no fertilizer. There needs to be ample air circulation as well. Here in the Northeast it's an annual so I plant new each season in the garden where it will get at least a half day of sunlight. When I plant in pots I use a large terra cotta with a soil that has no peat moss, but add a little sand... whatever it takes to have a well-drained medium.

              1. I have volunteers that spring up between rocks in a wall. Rare water and no food.I'm sure my climate helps, but they are among my "less is more" plants.

                1. Rosemary grows like a weed down here in Florida.

                  I've got some fairly large rosemary shrubs sprouting in the fairly sandy topsoil of our back pasture. My goats pick at the shoots like they're going out of style.

                  IMHO, Shrinkrap's on the money with the, "Less is more" nature of rosemary.

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                    I agree. Rosemary is one plant that you can kill with kindness--it hardly needs much water, doesn't like fertilizers, and does best with benign neglect. I have to hack mine back just to keep it in size, and otherwise, I ignore it!