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Jan 3, 2013 09:46 AM

Best booze shop in Boston?

I'll be visiting Boston for a few days later this week and I'm hoping to find a liquor store (or package store? is that what you call them?) that has a broad selection of European—especially Italian—cordials, after-dinner drinks, digestivi, etc. Every city worth its salt seems to have at least one place where people-in-the-know go to get their grappa, vermouth, amari, and the like. I'd like to visit Boston's place. I'm one of those deprived Pennsylvanians who has to rely on out-of-state trips to stock up on these things.

I'll be staying in the Back Bay / South End area, but I know the T well enough to get around efficiently. Because of time constraints, I need to limit myself to the inner metro area, what I'd call "downtown," as opposed to the suburbs.

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  1. V. Cirace in the North End has a large selection of grappa.

    1. For Italian amari, grappa, cordials etc. V. Cirace in the north-end is probably your best bet.

      In the south end, I would also check out the Urban Grape which has interesting Vermouths and spirits.

      On a personal note, having lived in PA, I feel for you. That state has the most archaic, backwards liquor laws imaginable. Can't buy beer and wine at the same store? Can't buy a six-pack of beer? Oh wait, at a bar you can where you will pay bar prices, that makes sense. Not to mention the high prices on everything and the fact that if you are a wine lover, good luck.

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        Thanks for the great tips. V. Cirace looks like the place, and I'll check out Urban Grape too, since I'll be in the neighborhood. As long as PA hasn't instituted a border patrol, I should be in good shape.

        Don't get me started on the absurdities of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Let's just say it's enough to make this lifelong Democrat scream for privatization. But even our current barn-burning Tea-party governor can't make that happen. The interests are just too well entrenched.

      2. I feel your pain (ex-Boston, now Philly). But then again, the BYOB scene in Philly is the best in the US (really the world). Boston BYOB is mostly under-the-table. So there's always a silver lining.

        Hello to the old Boston gang! Things seem to have continued to evolve in the past 3 years, as half the posts mention restaurants I've never heard of!

        1. If you want to sound truly local, you'll call it the "packy", though any place carrying grappa and amari really cannot be a packy.