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Jan 3, 2013 09:03 AM

Siem Reap Updates?

There's some good information about Siem Reap but it's getting a bit dated. Any new news? Thanks.


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  1. I have the same question, also Luang Prabang, please!

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      1. I just visited Siem Reap.

        Cuisine Wat Damnak is a safe bet for a more advanced take on the Cambodian kitchen. I enjoyed the whole menu but missed the taste sensations. The most memorable dish was actually a small dessert amuse with three types of bitter and acidic fruits.

        Mie Cafe is a newly opened small restaurant by a young, local chef trained in Switzerland. He buys all the groceries himself every morning in the market. He mixes European with truly local in a way that works. Tuna tartar, the salads and Fish Amok were all great. Prices are low and service is fantastic by Cambodian standards.

        I tried many other places too, both local eateries and upscale hotel restaurants, but nothing was really memorable except for the drinks at Miss Wong.

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          Thanks for this recommendation. We had the four-course "best Cambodian cuisine" menu at Mie Café tonight, $20, really nice.