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Jan 3, 2013 08:57 AM

Kitchen war injuries..

Last night, cutting up some mushrooms for a pasta sauce and almost sliced the tip of my finger off...cut it to the bone.
Took a couple seconds to register that I was sawing my finger.

Any badges of honor out there?

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  1. Tried to pry a couple of hot dogs off a frozen package with a sharp knife and sliced my pinky to the bone. Finger was so cold I did not notice until I saw the pool of blood.
    Fortunately I lived across the street from a hospital. Almost fainted walking to the ER.

    1. About 30 years ago I was trying to cut an Acorn squash in half, the knife slipped, & I nearly sliced a fingertip in half. Still have the scar.

      Also still bear a burn scar on my forearm from about 10 years ago when I was rotating a broiler pan in the oven & the curved edge of the hot pan brushed against my forearm. Even though I treated it well & tried to keep it clean, it did get infected & I ended up having to visit my doctor. Had some special controlled-substance cream to put on it + antibiotics. What fun!

      Outside of the above two instances, my only other mishaps have been occasional knuckle run-ins with my box grater.

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        I scraped my thumb yesterday on a microplane grater. Hey, makes it taste better!

        A while ago, I slipped on something and grabbed a pan handle to steady myself. It was hot, and I dropped it immediately. On my foot.

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        1. Washing the dishing after prepping for Thanksgiving dinner (night before) I snapped the stem of a wine glass and put it almost through my hand.

          The ER doc was amazed I didn't hit any tendons or nerves.

          1. I have a scar on my head from a homemade cabinet door at my aunt's. The cabinet door was open, and the lowest corner (below the hinge) was sharp/pointed. Rustic cabinet, this. Someone called my name while I was rummaging beneath the sink and I got up quickly, as I would have in my own home, spearing my head on the corner. My bad.