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Jan 3, 2013 08:49 AM

Raleigh: Where to host a small, quiet bridal shower

I'm planning a bridal shower for a friend who lives in Raleigh. I'm looking for a nice place to have it since I don't live locally and can't host it myself. Does anyone have recs for a nice restaurant for a quiet afternoon shower? Or are there any tea houses in the area that might be good? Our group won't be larger than 10 (and will very likely be smaller).

Any thoughts on appropriate venues much appreciated! Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. 18 Seaboard has a private dinning room that would work great for you. My wife hosted my 50th birthday there for about 10 and it was quite comfortable.

    1. I have heard positive things about Old English Tea Room but I have not tried them myself.

      Their website indicates that showers, etc. are welcome and the menu offers a number of options.

      This is in Wake Forest, just a short distance north of Raleigh.

      1. Last time I was in Coquette's in Raleigh, they were hosting a bridal shower in the back. It looked like everyone was having a good time.

        1. Thanks very much for the suggestions everyone! Will report back on where we end up and how it was.

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            Coquette worked very well for our group. They have a private dining room that can be reserved for private events, but as that room seats 60 and our group was under 10, we had a table in the main dining room instead. The food was good, although I wasn't wowed by anything we had. For our event, though, it worked well.

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              Glad it worked out. How was the noise level? It usually doesn't fall into "quiet" in my visits.

              1. re: meatn3

                Moderate noise. It wasn't quiet, but neither was it so loud that we had trouble hearing each other.

              2. re: Aravisea

                It just occurred to me that I was invited to this shower, but couldn't make it :( Glad to hear it went well, and see you at the wedding!

                1. re: mpjmph

                  Haha!! This made my afternoon. :) It's a small (digital) world? See you there!