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Jan 3, 2013 08:42 AM

Any Portenos on this board?

Are there any food obsessed Buenos Aires natives on this board?

I have ONE night at the end of a very long trip to dine in Buenos Aires and would like to spend it in a puerta cerrada. My strong preference is for Argentinian or other South American inspired cuisine, does not have to be parrilla style. I know a lot of people love Casa Mun- even though it's not Argentinian- but it is not an option as I can't eat raw fish.

Does anyone have a very serious favorite- better than just good, I'm looking for absolutely fantastic, knock your socks off, end of trip climax kind of superb!

Thank you!

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  1. Shouldn't this be on the "Outer Boroughs" board?

    1. Not a porteƱo, but I'm here a few times a year. I don't think a "absolutely fantastic, knock your socks off" meal exists in Buenos Aires these days. I have an SF Bay Area perspective, but I think the overall food quality and chances of getting a great meal have plummeted in the past few years. Sadly, I'm not alone in this assessment. Even my meals at Pura Tierra have been nice, but not excellent.

      That said, my best meal of the current trip was yesterday at El Baqueano. My best meal of my trip a year ago was at El Baqueano. No other meal of the two intervening trips, or any other meal of the current trip came close. It is better than good. It is interesting, creative, delicious, good wine choices, pleasant, and you just feel very nice after spending a few hours there.

      1. I hope this isn't to late but I second the notion that El Baqueno is the top place to eat degustaction menu in BA. I just returned last week from BA and had a really solid meal there. It is probably the best value that I have ever encountered as their entire 7 course meal was only around $45 US. I also had tasting menus at Tarquino which is supposedly started by a couple of chef who worked with Ferran Adria and Le Borgourgne in the Alvear Palace. I thought Tarquino was good but not as good as the other two. The service at El Baqueno was impeccable (as well as Le Borgourgne) and the food was a little more intricate with great attention to detail.

        They highlight different meats and cuisine across Argentina and prepare regional courses around them. Their Amuse Bouche of corn textures was amazing and I really loved the LLama carpaccio along with the warm vegetable salad of Vizcacha (which is a sort of rabbit). Really well done meal.