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Jan 3, 2013 08:32 AM

does anyone go to Golden Swan? (Victoria Dr in Vanc)

hi - does anyone here go to Golden Swan - if yes - what do you recommend

if no - wondering why not

+ they have dim sum carts
- no parking

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  1. We used to, on occasion, during the Nineties and the Naughts. But with a new generation of wee ones popping up in the family in recent years, we found GS much too hectic and loud, not conducive to keeping them quiet and happy. And the reservation system ..... bit of a joke .... you merely get to be at the head of the long line. I'm sure the food is still quite decent (hence their popularity) but if I'm dim summing in the area, I may as well go to Western Lake (Victoria/33) or Good Choice on Fraser, much more sane environments for DS-ing :-)

    BTW, The Roc has recently moved from Cambie @ Marine Drive to Main @ 41st (in the plaza where Penny Lane Pub used to be). We've been a few times already. My folks rave about their gailan dish and the claypot rice.

    1. I haven't been to Golden Swan but we quite enjoyed the cart dim sum back in Aug 2011 at Golden Phoenix (they also had excellent AC, not that you would need that at this time of year). We were seated promptly for our reservation and it was reasonably priced as well. A bit cramped at certain tables as it is small but not too loud for the same reason.

      I like Good Choice a lot but you have to be careful what you order. Haven't made it to Western Lake yet.

      Good to hear about The Roc -- that place really gets around! I never made it to the Kingsway or Marine Drive incarnations, will have to try to get over to Main and 41st.

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      1. re: grayelf

        Western Lake is very good IMO. But the waits there can be long too :-/

      2. I personally like Golden Swan. The owners changed last year and the quality has gone up since.

        I have been to Western Lake once recently. I don't remember the experience - not too memorable.

        We go around to different Dim Sum restaurants but typically end up at Fisherman's Terrace and Sea Harbour more often than not. The waits are longer than other places but it is worth the wait.

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        1. re: quddous

          Owners changed and one of the chefs from (IIRC) Shiang Garden is now chef there.

          1. re: quddous

            Happened to drive by Sea Harbour on Saturday, and noticed their sign now says "Tin Tin Seafood Restaurant". Scratched my head, then went home and found this:


            I obviously didn't know Sea Harbour moved last summer to next to River Rock Casino.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              I've been to the new location a couple times and didn't have a great meal at either time. Other people I know had a good meals there since the move though.