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Jan 3, 2013 08:27 AM

Puertas Cerradas Recommendation in Buenos Aires

I have ONE night at the end of a very long trip to dine in Buenos Aires and would like to spend it in a puerta cerrada. My strong preference is for Argentinian or other South American inspired cuisine, does not have to be parrilla style. I know a lot of people love Casa Mun- even though it's not Argentinian- but it is not an option as I can't eat raw fish.

Does anyone have a very serious favorite- better than just good, I'm looking for absolutely fantastic, knock your socks off, end of trip climax kind of superb!

Thank you!

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  1. We loved Casa Felix - it's a puerta cerrada that you might enjoy.

    1. "Puertas Cerradas? "
      Certainly not.

      "absolutely fantastic, knock your socks off, end of trip climax ?"
      Not sure if anything available at the Emperor's table in the Roman Empire would fit your taste.

      But, much more modestly, I would be happier than a dog with two tails by having another tasting menu at Chila.