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Jan 3, 2013 08:15 AM

Best Duck in Downtown DC?

Going to be going to DC for my birthday...looking for some rec's on the best duck dish

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  1. Duck stuffed with shrimp paste at Full Kee, but you might want to call first to make sure they have it.

    If you are wiling to take the metro up to Wheaton, MD, then the spicy boneless duck at Ruan Thai is the ticket.

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    1. re: Steve

      The duck stuffed with shrimp paste does sound good.

      If you're willing to go much further afield, Steve and I can both recommend the steamed duck stuffed with eight treasure sticky rice at Pacifica Cafe in Gaithersburg--the best duck dish I've ever eaten--or the Pi Pa roasted duck or steamed duck stuffed with sticky rice at Grace Garden in Odenton. In fact I'm surprised he didn't recommend those already! :D

      Let us know what you finally decide on.

    2. Lacquered Chinese Duckling at The Source is very good -- it's a 1/2 duck, large portion

      Roasted Duck “Low & Slow” at DC Commons is good, although I remember the flavor of the Wild Rice-Sweet Potato Hash more than the duck itself -- flavors remind me of Thanskgiving -- worth a mention but not as good as The Source

      1. Either the Duck Breast or Duck Cassoulet at Proof.

        1. I really, really liked the roast duck "low and slow" at DC Commons on Washington Circle.

          Disclaimer: it's been almost a year since I had it.

          1. The duck at The Source is incredible. And as a special fact, Michelle Obama ordered it when she dined there. :)

            Bistro D'Oc also makes a nice duck confit (my personal favorite preparation of the dish).