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Jan 3, 2013 06:27 AM

best private chefs in boston?

hi! looking for a private chef for a small gathering of 8-10 in my home. family style or plated, just looking for something creative, interesting, and memorable! especially love thai, but not a requirement! appreciate any tips!

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  1. Anthony ( tony) Ambrose. Perhaps the first "celebrity" chef in Boston and former owner of ambrosia for 15 years or so. French trained and multi baird award winner. A somewhat controversial chef, but without any doubt one of the best, if not the best chef to ever come out of this area. AND he does personal parties-at fairly reasonable prices. He gets it.

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      Also, his website is comedic gold

      My suggestion when it comes to private chefs is to reach out to one of the local culinary schools. They'll usually steer you to someone quite good (and affordable).

      1. I agree - I think Tony is a great chef - I loved Ambrosia. And I looked at the website for the 'comedic gold' - not sure what that meant - on the website the food looked gorgeous. I was at an event catered by his group over the holidays. The food was excellent.

      2. is a friend of my wife's. i've heard good things, but I've never eaten her food.

        1. Agree with the recommendation to check with area culinary schools. Full disclosure: I work at one of them.

          You might have better luck searching for a "personal chef" rather than a "private chef", which implies a chef who works for just one family as opposed to someone who cooks one-off events or the like.

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            There is also the Personal and Private Chef Association website - with excellent recommendations from their membership:

            1. Checkout Peter Ungar at

              We've enjoyed three of his Chef's Table events over three years and always had a spectacular meal.

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                Totally agree with this recommendation for Chef Ungar's "Dining Alternative". (he's also planning a restaurant downtown - can't wait!)

                We just hired Chef Ungar to cater a dinner event in our home for 18 people. The whole experience (not just the stellar food and wine) was beyond imagination - I posted a review on Yelp, but I don't know if it will appear there.

                In brief, he takes care of EVERYTHING: menu planning - with you to ensure he is designing dishes to your taste, and he even accommodated my guests with odd dietary restrictions without changing the menu for everyone else, prepping in your home, setup the dining area, serving, even cleaning.

                During the meal, he explains the courses (without interrupting you from eating so your food gets cold!), and his sommelier presents the paired wine and answers any questions.

                The food is art, but is also delicious... not art for 'art's sake'. The combinations he concocts in each dish are imaginative and wonderful.

                Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime - and one that all 18 of us (international foodies who have eaten in starred restaurants across the globe) will always remember and treasure.

                Can't recommend highly enough. Worth every penny, and I'd hazard to say that it is a bargain even at that.

                Thank you, Chef Peter!