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Jan 3, 2013 12:25 AM

Where to buy kale/collard greens in Hong Kong?

Hi all,

Where can you buy Western kale (the curly cabbage kind) or collard greens in Hong Kong? (Not the Chinese kale/gai-lan). If not, what kind of local veg would be a good substitute? I want to use it for cooking and juicing. Thanks.

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  1. You only tend to see the more maintream western veggies in HK and by the time they get here are often not great quality. The supply is also quite random and thus tricky to know whats in, i have not seen Kale etc but its the sort of random veg that could pop up, but I am not hopeful. The obvious ones to try are City Super (Times Sq seems better for fresh produce), Oliver's can be OK. The farmers markets and wet markets tend to only have local produce, there are exceptions but again quite random.

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      Thanks, I'll have a look around. I was hoping to find kale or a suitable substitute in Graham St market but no luck yet! I'll check out Times Sq Citysuper the next time I'm in CWB