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Jan 2, 2013 11:56 PM

Town of Dumpling in San Mateo

Any chowhounds check out Town of Dumpling yet?

This piece says it might be a spin off of Kingdom of Dumpling in SF . . . busted down to just a town?

In any case, the author's photos of the lamb skewers, housemade noodles, bao, and dumplings entice.

Town of Dumpling
29 Laurie Meadows Dr
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 349-3066

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  1. It's not a spinoff per se, but the owner of Kingdom of Dumpling (SF), his brother runs Town of Dumpling, hence the connection.

    The food is very good. Haven't tried the skewers but it's probably the best dumplings in that area until you get to I Dumpling in Redwood City which I think is slightly better.

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      Isn't it amazing how the Chinese landscape has become so much diverse in just the last couple years? Skewer places are popping up all over the place, and these dumpling and noodle specialists are blooming too.

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        The two brothers actually look quite similar, I confused him with the owner of Kingdom of Dumpling until I asked him directly. The good news for local residents is that now they sell the same dumplings frozen to go, so you can cook it yourself at home. Price is similar to if you ate in the restaurant, but still reasonable. The cold appetizer dishes are good, but love their addictive chili sauce that I use more for the dumplings instead of black vinegar.

        Have to say that the skewer place that took over Sunny Shanghai doesn't seem very busy every time I drive by there, so not sure how they will fare.

    2. Tried it a few months ago - we got the beef noodles and the pork and napa dumplings. Both were pretty good. The ambiance is a little weird in that it looked like they had modified the space as little as possible from whatever business was previously there.

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        I've been to the Turkish place, Lahmacun, so have a sense of the real estate.

        Thanks for posting about Panda Dumpling in Redwood City.

      2. Stopped by today for a bit of lunch with a friend. I'd recommend the #1 Lamb Skewers (4) $6.95. When asked if we wanted spicy, we said yes. They were not spicy but did have just the right amount of cumin, juicy and lamby. Tasty.

        Shared an order of #39 Dumpling with QQ Noodle $6.95 - house-made noodles with choice of any of the dumplings in a clear, clean, light broth w/ a few halves of baby bok choy, slices of fresh shitake and half a dozen dumplings. Noodles were what noodles should be - al dente (QQ). This was a decent dish.

        Under little dishes #4 Black Fungus with Fresh Cucumbers $5.95. Plate of mostly tree ear fungus and slices of Armenian cucumbers marinated in a soy mixture. Ok but wished it had more cucumbers.

        Highlight: As previously mentioned, the house made chile garlic table condiment is the best! We were slathering it on everything... Would be a money-maker if they sold it by the jar. We asked and they don't.

        Pleasant young woman working the room. Easy to communicate. We were there from 11:30 till about 1:00 visiting and there were only 2 other customers. Hope they make it...

        1. They've added about 10 new items, including dongpo pork. They're pictured on the wall, and also listed on a small laminated menu. Someone forgot to take a photo ...

          The fish with pine nuts (Sung Zi Yu 松子鱼) doesn't have pine nuts. It's slabs of fish that are sliced and fried to take on the jagged shape of a pine cone, hence the name, and served with a yellowish sweet and sour sauce. Here's a recipe for the same dish, that contains actual pine nuts but I'm not sure whether that's obligatory:

          Cucumber and jellyfish dish was nice and light. Wood ear mushrooms at other another table were plump, and round--- I was impressed by this dish the last time I ate here-- they use better quality mushrooms than most places.

          Good potstickers:

          The chef, or maybe they said the owner, is from Tianjin.

          1. I dined at Town of Dumpling 2 months ago. We ordered a variety of dumplings. Nothing was so wonderful that I would want to return. Hence, I cannot remember exactly which dumplings we ordered. It's too bad, since the staff was friendly and the location has good parking. Maybe the newer dishes, suggested by hyperbowler are better.