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Jan 2, 2013 09:25 PM

lunch in/around Windsor?

We're probably headed to Windsor during a long layover at LHR and I wondered if anyone had a suggestion for a nice place for lunch.

I poked around the archives a little and couldn't find much, other than the Waterside Inn, which I think is a little more elaborate than what I'm hoping for (or the Fat Duck, which I know is).

thanks, and happy new year!

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  1. This question comes up from time to time. Windsor has a few nice pubs, but in general there isn't a lot to choose from other than a Brown's, which is OK. I'd head for Bray and eat at The Hind's Head, which is Blumenthal's gastropub next to the Fat Duck. The food is excellent and the town is lovely for a short stroll. I think there is also a Caldesi restaurant in Bray, but I've never eaten there.

    1. Thanks. After thinking about it, I'm not sure if we'll really be up for heading over to Bray, so maybe we'll just pick a pub in Windsor.

      1. My favourite place to eat in Windsor is Gilbey's. Nothing else in Windsor comes close.

        The restaurant is actually in Eton, on the High Street, which is just over the footbridge near the river and Windsor & Eton Riverside train station. Walk over the bridge and the restaurant is several doors up the street on the left side.

        Very good quality at reasonable prices.