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Jan 2, 2013 08:48 PM

Anyone been to Ward 6?

On Payne Ave. in East St. Paul?

I didn't see any thread on this yet, tho Db Cooper did mention having gone when it opened.

Looks like local beers are a big thing. The list of beers didn't look super-long to me but did look balanced with things you don't find everywhere.

How's the food? Anyone know?

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  1. I've only been for breakfast. The Benedict was quite nice. I can't speak to whether the beignets will transport anyone to their idealized New Orleans reverie, but they and the savory bread pudding were both a hit at our table.

    1. I've been a couple of times, but I've only had the appetizers. I really don't think it's fair to judge a place off of poutine and fried cheese which is all I've had. That being said, we enjoyed them both. The menu is fairly simple. They definitely aren't taking any culinary risks here a la Travail. It's designed to be a neighborhood gathering spot.

      On our visits, we've gone in more of a HH mode and just looking to have a couple of beers. They've got about 20 on tap and almost all of them are MN brewers. I know that's important to some people, I'm not one of them. The choices range from light to dark so there should be something for everyone. They also have a malt machine and are whipping up Adult Malts w/booze. Kind of reminded me of the old Town Talk days. Full bar is also available so the wine and booze hounds have options too.

      I will say the staff is incredibly friendly and hard-working. It's a nice neighborhood restaurant. I don't think it's a restaurant that you'd drive across town for, but definitely by far the best choice for dining now if you find yourself hungry/thirsty in the East Side/Maplewood area.

      1. I tried it for lunch yesterday with some friends.

        I didn't care for my chopped salad. The favors didn't come together very well, they were skimpy on the cheese, the sausage had unappetizingly large chunks of cartilage, and the portion was too small. . . $11.20 including tax and tip (just for the salad, no bev besides water) and I left hungry.

        Two companions enjoyed their sandwiches (fatty and pot roast) and another companion said her fish and chips was OK but pretty greasy.

        I would go back to try something else, but I think they need to rework the chopped salad or take it off the menu.

        1. Went this weekend. I was in the area and my brain reminded me there was somewhere new / different, so I popped in.

          Ordered Health Food (battered veggies with a beer cheese dipping sauce, Fries (you get a choice of 2 from 8 - 10 dipping sauces, I opted for lemon gastrique and spicy tomato jam), and Arugula, Camembert, and Pear Sandwich.

          Health Food was really, really tasty, but sadly quite small at $6. I would not order again, unless it was doubled or more in size.

          Fries were ordered as a side for $3. Again, far too small. Like a McDonalds small amount. But tasted good and the dipping sauces are really interesting. Lemon and Fries? Who knew? But it worked.

          Sandwich was really good and priced right with the side of fries (more than were in the small order above).

          I realize they are using better ingredients than most (there is a blurb about supporting local / etc. on the menu), but the Health Food and side of Fries were puny.

          But - I mentioned to my companion that we were already planning on returning, so that's a good sign. That sandwich is a great option, and the menu boasted a Beet Salad I'd like to tackle. Service was super friendly if a bit unpolished (which is totally find for a place like this). Loved the decor / feel of the room. Definitely a great new option for the area.

          1. I went to Ward 6 this weekend for brunch. I had the bloody Mary, the Welsh Rabbit and the table split the beignets. I liked the bloody Mary. They infuse the vodka with garlic, horseradish and black pepper, so it had a nice kick, which I like. The garnishes were nothing special, however, especially when compared to a place like the Bulldog NE with Kramarcuk's beef sticks.

            I have never been to New Orleans but I really enjoyed the beignets. They came still warm and three were enough for our table of four to share.

            The Welsh Rabbit was two pieces of wheat toast, broiled tomato, fried egg and cheese sauce. I have never had this dish before so I have no basis for comparison. The fried egg seemed more like it was scrambled and it got really soggy in the cheese sauce. I liked the cheese sauce alot and wished I had some hashbrowns or fries to sop it up.

            The portions were smaller, both from what I had and what I observed. I liked not having a big greasy brunch plate. I also thought the prices seemed in line with portions. This was just for brunch, mind you, and they did not have any other menus available at the time.

            I don't think I would necessarily make a special trip to Ward 6 but would consider it for a drink and a bite if I needed a place to meet on the East side.

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              Referred a couple friends to this place and both ate their this weekend in parties of 5 and 2. Everyone liked it a lot. It's not destination dining, but it's probably the best neighborhood place on that side of 35E. Many things like portion and service can be uneven / random, but I am of the impression it's the owners first restaurant and I think several servers are new to serving. They are doing quite well for a tiny hole in the wall with an address most people associate with a bad area (Payne / Arcade were historically the bad part of town).

              I went last Thursday for dinner and had Cicero Stew (spicy tomato sauce of chick peas and basmati rice) which was vegan (didn't care, impressed it was label / offered as such) and the Pear, Camembert and Arugula sandwich. Both very tasty.

              The portioning issues I've noticed is the amount of fries you get appears to be totally random. Same went for a bunch visit the week prior. I had some hashbrowns, my companion had noticeably much more. We had different dishes, but one would expect this part to be roughly uniform.