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Jan 2, 2013 08:25 PM

Bologna Restaurants open on Sunday?

My husband and I will be arriving in Bologna on a Sunday evening (from Venice in April) and would like to book a fabulous meal to kick off our food-focused days in Emilia Romagna. Restaurants that piqued my interest include Da Gianni and Trattoria Dal Bassianot, but both appear closed on Sunday night. (We will probably hit those another time during our 4 nights.)

Does anyone have a suggestion for a great meal on Sunday? We would prefer a sit-down restaurant emblematic of the region's cuisine, somewhat centrally located, though we would be willing to hop in a cab if needed (we are staying near Piazza Maggiore). Price is not particularly important, but I suppose we would want to keep it under 75E per person, since I know we will be asked!

Thanks for your help!

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Thank you! I did a Bologna search and am not sure how I missed that one.

      1. re: jen kalb

        I have a very low opinion of some of the restaurants mentioned in that thread.

        If you are looking for the best of Bologna and are willing to take a 15 min. taxi ride from Piazza Maggiore, I recommend Antica Trattoria della Gigina. It gets high marks from many visitors to Bologna, not just me.

        If you prefer to stay inside the historic center, I am not alone in enjoying the food and ambience of Giampi e Ciccio, which I first learned of by recommendation of Fred Plotkin in a newspaper interview he gave. Here on Chowhound, personalities and palates as diverse as mine, PBSF's and Elizabeth Minchilli's have all recommended the restaurant, and people who took the recommendation have all come back to report they loved their meal and their hosts.

        Always double check any restaurant is open the Sunday night in question, but I think these are, and you must reserve. Antica Trattoria della Gigina will be happy to call you a taxi to whisk you back to your hotel.

        I have never eaten in Trattoria dal Biassanot, so I have nothing against it, and I know that it is popular among people staying in the hotel section of town, especially for its affordability, generous portions and friendly staff. However, I will point out that right next door is Serghei's, which can't be more than a euro or two more expensive, yet it manages to win a place every single year in the most respected guidebooks for eating out in Italy, including the Slow Food guide and Gambero Rosso. I happen to like Serghei's myself for the trattoria classics (including a secondo of turkey thigh), so you might give that some consideration.

        I also enjoy Da Gianni, in particular for its secondo of grilled mortadella. I give Serghei's the edge over Da Gianni and Giampi e Ciccio for hand-made pastas, and Gigina's beats them all.

        1. re: barberinibee

          Thank you so much! Wonderful information, and we are not at all opposed to a 15 minute cab ride. I will double check on Sunday openings.

          1. re: barberinibee

            We dined at Gigina for lunch and had a pretty bad meal for Bologna there, dry ragu, orange and sticky graimigna with a very stuffy waiter to boot, and we speak Italian. The secondi were drab dried out maialino and a tagliatele that would need a T-rex to chew through it. The lunchtime crowd of corporate types filed in and were happy enough. Very disappointed and would not return. Oh, and thanks for the reco.

            1. re: barberinibee

              Da Gianni is a tourist trap that serves people in an unforgivingly rude manner with mediocre food. The food is delivered immediately upon ordering, (pastas) and they are just barely decent, but there is then a 40+ minute wait for secondi, then no service whatsoever, we watch our waiter avoid eye contact as he leaves the premises with his cigarette pack for fifteen minutes. Would not return. Ever. Thanks again for this reco.

          2. I must have eaten at Antica Trattoria della Gigina on a bad night. I ate better at Caminetto d'Oro, Serghei, and even dinner ("lunch" to you Yankees) at the simple Giampi e Ciccio. My bad luck!

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            1. re: sidcundiff

              Thank you! It helps to get a variety of opinions...

              1. re: sidcundiff

                That is unfortunate, sidcundiff. When was this and what did you eat? The only dish I felt was not better and true to form at Antica Trattoria della Gigina than at other places was passatelli in brodo, and their desserts (but I rarely find dessert in Bologna any good).

                But otherwise, I've also enjoyed my meals at all the other places you mention. The only tagliatelle al ragu in Bologna that I like is at Caminetto d'Oro, and I've never eaten it at Antica Trattoria della Gigina. (It is probably be my least favorite pasta dish in the Bologna repertoire, despite its iconic status.)

              2. I should add, I don't know if any my recommendations are open on Sunday.