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Jan 2, 2013 08:18 PM

Can you buy organic full cream all natural ice-cream/brunch buffet in Philly?

I'll be there from Jan 11th to the 14th.

Any excellent brunch buffets?

Coming from Wisconsin. Also, is there any place that makes raw milk ice-cream that you can buy?

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  1. I can't answer your 2nd question, but for brunch buffet, Lacroix is tops in the city.

    1. Lacroix on Sunday is an amazing brunch buffet. Expensive but worth it. Reserve now.

      I don't know about raw milk but you can check out some of our local ice cream makers -- Bassetts, Capogiro (actually gelato), Little Baby's, and Franklin Fountain. I think all use local milk and at least Little Baby's uses organic and low-temp pasteurized.

      1. I believe Zsa's Ice Cream, another small local artisanal ice cream maker, uses organic cream. Their ice cream is delicious. They sell out of a truck at various farmer's markets and at some local co-ops.

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          Zsa's is really good. at weaver's way in c-hill they have zsa's and little baby's - i like the zsa's more, and it's cheaper. don't get the frozen ice cream sandwiches, though - at least not if you want to eat them anytime soon. they're little rocks.

        2. Hi fellow hounds,

          I am in Philly till tomorrow evening. I read on the boards that Sue Produce has raw milk. So, I went there yesterday - to my dismay the 2 people (one Asian man and woman) showed me a container of evaporated milk, and asked me if that is what I meant! I just quietly said no, and walked away.

          Let the hunt continue!

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            If you just want raw milk, you can get it at Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market and Green Aisle Grocery in South Philly, though you should call ahead to make sure they have it in because they can run out between deliveries. Green Aisle also stocks Little Baby's ice cream.

            Those are also good places to ask about other raw milk products. Fair Food has lots of raw milk cheeses and often has raw milk yogurt.