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Jan 2, 2013 07:11 PM

Best place of fish and chips

Heading to London for a week in early April. Want to make sure I have authentic fish and chips while there. Staying near Kings Cross but will be touring all over London proper.

Can someone direct me to the best place to grab fish and chips and maybe a pint on the side?

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  1. You can do a search for previous threads on this topic... upper right hand corner of the page.

    Two favourites seem to be Master's Superfish near Waterloo or The Golden Hind, Rock and Sole Plaice is also popular.

    1. Noting your wish for a pint and "authentic", bear in mind that there are those of us who would suggest that pubs are not the best place to eat fish & chips.

      I've enjoyed Masters and thought Rock & Sole Plaice possibly the worst I have experienced anywhere in the country - even worse than the chippy on the village which is saying something.

        1. The Bull & Last is a highly recommended food pub on the board and have fish and chips on the menu

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            As Harters said F&C and a pint of beer are not usually the best bedfellows (a big pot of tea is more traditional). Plenty of pubs do have OK F&C on the menu (though menu have pre-made bought in versions) and the B&L is a very fine dining pub.

            But good F&C needs to come from a good chippy with big industrial fish fryers, it needs to be served in paper and it doesn't need poncy triple cooked chips - I actually like slightly soggy (but real) chips with lots of salt and vinegar, which takes me back to my youth and picking up a fish supper on the way back from the pub and eating it from the paper as I meandered home.

            Pub F&C vs. Chippy F&C is like a taco from a nice restaurant vs a taco from a down and dirty taco truck - ones real, ones gussied up! Head for Masters and have a few pints first.

            1. re: PhilD

              Are the pints to obscure the ambiance? :-)

              1. re: PhilD

                Agree with Phil - "proper" chips are slightly floppy.

                Possibly the scientists amongst us might be able to tell us why that means the chips can soak up the vinegar better than crisp fries. I have no idea - but they do.

            2. Appreciate all the replies. I know nothing specific about the pub scene vs other options. I just know I like f&c and wanted to get a good batch. If a pub isnt the place, fine and as for the pints - that was a side remark.