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Jan 2, 2013 05:48 PM

What have you combined/repurposed lately?

We all do things after the Holidays, but what have you done lately? I love to hear what you all do with your leftover gems. A few days ago, I made Mushroom Risotto, Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Green Beans for dinner. Had Lots of sauce leftover, so tonight I made Penne' ala Vodka and added the leftover roasted red pepper sauce to it. Seriously good. I also used some Tri-Colored Penne' pasta. I made ham for New Years Day, so am planning some scalloped potatoes & ham later this week as well as split pea soup. What have you made lately that used up some leftover goodies?

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  1. We had a very large amount of leftover roast venison from Christmas dinner, along with a container of the incredibly flavourful gravy made from the roasting juices & marinade that had red wine and port in it. I made a mirepoix and added some diced potatoes, cooked those down and stirred in the leftover gravy and some chunks of meat - instant pot pie filling. It was a fantastic pie and I will be using this approach again next time I have leftovers of any kind of roast meat + gravy.

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      Wow. That sounds amazing. I want to come to your house!

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        This might sound like blasphemy to some, but I did basically the same thing with part of a leftover prime rib roast. It was the best beef pot pie we ever had.

      2. I made a tiramisu-inspired Buche de Noel for Christmas and I had some of the ganache I used to frost it leftover. So, for the last week or so, I've been plopping a tablespoon of the ganache in a mug of hot milk and adding a stiff shot of kahlua and rum for the best hot chocolate ever!

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          Oh, yum. What a great idea! My son and DIL gave us home-made Kahlua, applesauce, apple-spiced hard cider and blackberry liquor for Christmas. Along with that a number of little mini bottles of rum in cute little baskets. Great way to use some of them! Thanks for the ideas.

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            I like to use leftover ganache in chunks in my homemade ice cream - total yum!

          2. I repurposed leftover rice and kimchee, into kimchee fried rice with spam and a poached egg on top. Really tasty...but I still have some spam left....(HMart spousal impulse buy) and we don't eat sandwiches much.....

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              Kimchi fried rice with egg (fried usually).

              That's not something we "repurpose" in our household. It's something we do with purpose.

            2. used eggnog (the real kind, with eggs, milk and no chemicals) to replace the sugar, eggs and milk in pancake batter. Worked just fine :)
              Chopped vegetables and meat get stirred into sauces of all sorts, over here, and then topped with puff pastry for pot pies.

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                I used some leftover ice cream with oatmeal. Good!

              2. A couple nights ago I made a rice, leek and swiss gratin to go with a roast chicken. Last night I added some bacon, sauted mushrooms, green onion and what was left of the chicken to the remaining gratin, topped with fresh breadcrumbs tossed in olive oil to make a sorta rice based casserole. Very nice too.