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Dec 2, 2005 01:45 PM

Big Bear Recommendations

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Hi there,

Heading up to Big Bear and hoping to find some good restaurant recs... Any help would be appreciated!


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  1. Don't expect any great dining experiences, but Paoli's is decent Italian (and it's always packed so expect a wait), my family likes Old Country Inn, probably because of all the German food, but it also gets crowded (I think they take reservations), and there's a place on the water called, I think, The Blue Whale, which is a decent prime rib/seafood dining experience.

    1. I was up there this weekend. I had a list of seven places from various threads. Fred & Mary's, Blue Whale, Iron Squirrel, Marisco's, and Senor Hogs are all closed, and Mandoline Bistro didn't look promisig based on the menu. We tried Paoli's and it was pretty good. Had linguini w/scallops and it would have been better had it been served on a plate and not a bowl, where all the sauce sunk quickly to the bottom. Really great breadsticks. All in all recommended.

      Went to the Peppercorn Grille for lunch. Very good. Had an individual pizza and the wife angel hair pasta.

      Planed to go to Captains Anchorage which was down the street from our hotel, but they had an hour wait. The place only has 7 or 8 tables.

      Picked a place called the Evergreen Steakhouse from the phone book and it was surprisingly good. Had surf n turf(filet mignon and swordfish)and it was excellent.

      But the food highlight of the whole trip was a little roadside cafe in Rimforest(about 4 miles west of Lake Arrowhead)called the Original Cottage. Strictly American and Mexican comfort food, but they have the absolute best Pastrami sandwich(called the City Slicker)I have ever eaten. Mozerrella chese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, two kinds of mustard, and very juicy pastrami which was not salty at all. Stopped there twice, and the way up and on the way down. I may have discovered a new place I'll go way out of my way for!

      1. i'm going up to big bear this weekend for octoberfest. where exactly is Original Cottage? i would like to try it also. I have never been there so as specific as you can get would be helpful..

        thanks in advance!

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          Go up Hwy 18 east, just follow the signs toward Lake Arrowhead. You will pass the turnoff for Crestline. Original Cottage is on the right, just east of Domino's. I wish I could give you an address, but they don't even put it on the take out menu. I'll try to post the phone # tonight.

            1. i chickened out. me and my girl were so nervous driving on that road we didnt wnat to stop. that 18 is scary. it was raining, no visibility due to the fog, and it was slick. i white knuckled it all the way there. i could not believe there was a high school way up there! Rimoftheworld or somethign liek that?

              anyway, maybe if i go back in the summer and the roads are better. we drove home on the 38. MUCH better. Didnt really eat anyplace i would recommend. THe cottage inn was a little greasy for me...!