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Jan 2, 2013 05:31 PM

Mei Sum Bakery.... Chinatown, a small report.

I decided to go into Chinatown on Saturday morning early, since I haven't been for years. It was cold, but I thought I could find a parking spot on streets and there was plenty of 2hr parking. I parked on Beach St., right near The Gourmet Dumpling restaurant and walked to Mei Sum bakery. I wanted to try the Bahn Mi sandwich. First of all, I wasn't sure if they would make the sandwiches for me at 8:00am, but the two gals behnd the counter were very sweet. I got the cold cut and the beef and took them home for lunch with a friend. I also got the "snowball" coconut cakes, which I thought were the ones that people recommended. But, these are tasty, albeit quite spongy. While they tasted good, I was lookiing for somethng else. Each sandwich was $3.00 dollars and the coconut cakes were $1.00 each. I had a half of each sandwich and they were delcious. Although I heard that the protein serving was not large, I found it perfect.

I ended up going back on Monday morning, so I could take a few sandwiches with my to a NYE's gathering and cut them into 4ths, and everyone loved them. They were actually the first thing to go, even over the shrimp cocktail. While there on Monday, they had sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves, with Taro I believe for $2.50 each and I bought one for my lunch along with beef bun, for .90 cents.

Can't beat the prices here. They also have great looking birthday cakes starting at $16.00 dollars. No menus available though. You have to call and they told me they are opened everyday.

I took some pictures, but can't seem to post them with the new changes to chowhound... ugh! All and all, I'll return. And anyone knowing the name of anything I should try, please feel free to let me know.

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  1. I like that pork floss bun with sesame seeds and scallions (I think). they're usually up on the counter, 90 cents or so.

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      Thanks, they sound good. I'll check them out next time I'm there.

    2. There must have been a glitch in adding photos last night, here they are:

      1. I love their raisin rolls, they are soft sweet braided rolls with raisins and some sort of honey/sugar glaze top. they are .90 ea.

        I love this bakery the best but if you really want a great Bahn Mi you should try the 163 on Harrison Ave. Right beside the bakery on the corner in the East West Bank Building. More protein filling and I think they are better all around. If you like them spicey they are the only sandwich place that uses the tiny hot chillis and not the jalepano peppers.

        They have lots of great other dishes also. I love the dipping sauce they give you with their dumplings, it is much better than the Dumpling King dipping sauce. I usually get the bbq beef with rice (you have to ask for it and they make it for you), of course I get everything spicy. They make great spring rolls (not the fried ones) and if you are lucky enough to be there when they have the avocado ones grab them!

        I have worked in Chinatown for 6 years and everyday I find a new treasure trove of great food!

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          Thanks Meffababe,

          I'll give 163 a try also. I saw them when I was walking back from mei sum.