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Jan 2, 2013 05:23 PM

The Trappist in Rockridge [Oakland]

Noticed the doors were open and folks were enjoying themselves this afternoon at the newly opened branch of The Trappist. Anyone been in yet? Same offerings as Old Town Oakland?

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  1. They have some different offerings and some that are the same as at the Trappist.
    I must say I find the atmosphere rather stark and cold.
    Music is from 2 speakers that are mounted behind the bar, which may be nice for the Bartender, but is God awful in the rest of the room.
    Nice selection of bottles but pricey.

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    1. re: chefj

      Sounds a lot like their Walnut Creek branch, ØL Beercafe & Bottle Shop.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Trappist Provisions is a LOT smaller than either Trappist or Øl - it's pretty much a bowling-alley of a storefront, and their bottle selection is still pretty limited at the moment (not sure how much more they plan to expand that end of the business, though there were a couple of as-yet-unfilled shelves on the walls a few days ago). Being a Trappist regular already, I was inclined to look favorably on this place, and it does serve a very useful purpose (a place to eat Southie's food with FAR better beer than Southie serves!), but I'm uncertain what to make of the place yet. We'll see.

        1. re: Spatlese

          We also ( 4 of us) are all longtime Trappist Regulars and really wanted to like the place (we really like Steve already).
          After 1 beer though we headed down to the Trappist. We all had the same reaction to Øl.
          I really hope they find their way to warm the place up a bit and get some up that will cut the noise level. As it is now it is just not comfortable.

    2. Not the same as downtown at all- 9 taps I think, and the shelves and 2-3 sliding-door coolers were a little sparse opening weekend. I had 2 excellent beers I was unfamiliar with, one from Italy, one Swiss. Completely different ambiance- a little sterile in fact.

      Limited snacks available; I had an excellent ciccioli presented in a jar (produced off-site) with just a bit too scant baguette (Acme?) I tore off and spread with fatty pork. I didn't ask what else was on offer after I heard the word ciccioli.

      What's going to get me going here (besides a potentially burgeoning bottle supply) is the meatball sandwich afterward next door at Southie.

      1. Apparently it's called Trappist Provisions and is self-described as a beer cafe and bottle shop.

        6309 College Ave, Oakland, California

        1. We had the same reaction as the posters below. Found the atmosphere stark and uninviting, with communal seating that didn't seem convivial enough to be enjoyably communal. It was freezing in there the afternoon we walked in. The bartender looked annoyed when we interrupted his conversation (after standing at the bar for about 10 mins) to ask for menus. The beers seemed startlingly overpriced. We left and went next door to the bar at Wood Tavern. Which is the opposite of hip but very welcoming. Oh and this was opening day, when we might have expected friendlier proprietors.

          1. I saw this place's name for the first time on the short list of establishments selling Westvleteren 12 when it was made available to the masses a few weeks ago, but I guess they weren't yet open for business. Their Facebook page indicates they'll be selling their six-packs soon!

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            1. re: adk

              i walked by today around was packed.

              i noticed it did not have much seating at a bar or tables.

              i did not bother going in.

              people seemed to be enjoying themselves.