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Jan 2, 2013 02:51 PM

dumplings in westchester and or near tarrytown(maybe near tappan zee if i must)

my daughter wants to go out for great dumplings for her bday this friday. I know I can go into the city and get the best around but I'm wondering if anything in my area is really good. I probably know all places in southern westchester. Just hoping to have someone tell me of a place that I haven't heard about yet.

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  1. Do you mean Chinese dumplings?

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      That was my question as well.

    2. aberdeen and central seafood both in white plains

      1. Avoid Central Seafood unless you're going on a weekend.

        Aberdeen is okay, but some of their dim sum is completely lacking any finesse (i.e. thick and doughy dumpling skins). However, they are relatively authentic and one of the few places in the area with a decent variety.

        We've been enjoying the Noodle+ (White Plains) soup dumplings (xiao long bao), pork potstickers, and shrimp shumai. Not transcendent, but solidly good. Their menu is more pan-Asian than specifically Chinese. Great Thai iced tea, by the way.

        If this is a birthday meal, you might want to schlep into the city for something fabulous or the outer boroughs (Brooklyn and Queens) for a real family-style experience. Are you looking for the traditional dim sum chaos with roaming carts or a more sedate, lady-like meal?

        1. I have not been here but some posters have enjoyed the dumplings at Sichuan Pavilion in Port Chester http://www.thesichuanpavilion.com/men...

          Now I am craving dumplings :(

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            Me too, Chowdom!

            We loved having Jade Garden (now Rudy's) near us. We had dim sum several times a week. I miss it terribly, especially right this minute.

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              Yes :( Actually I haven't been right since reading your review on the Manhattan board.

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                For Hou Yi? You and your camera should come with me next time!

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                  You don't have to twist my arm...I accept the invitation to join you