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Jan 2, 2013 02:34 PM

Restaurant Recommendations Near Heathrow Airport

My husband and I plan to stay at a hotel near Heathrow the last night of our stay in London because of an early morning flight, and we would like to have a nice dinner that last night. We've considered dining at La Belle Epoque at the Sofitel or staying at the Danesfield House in Henley, dining at the Adam Simmonds restaurant there, and taking a taxi to the airport the following morning. Any thought on those ideas or other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This topic gets discussed here several times a year. You might want to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search for Heathrow to look at the past discussions.

    You also might want to think about having an early dinner in London that evening and heading out to your Heathrow hotel after your meal. A cab from Henley to Heathrow will not be cheap (likely over $100)!

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      I have gone back as you suggested to read previous posts on this topic. One of them suggested dining in Chiswick as there are several Michelin starred restaurants there. Are you aware whether we again are looking at an expensive taxi between Heathrow and Chiswick? (We are only making an overnight connection in London, so dining early and then heading out to Heathrow isn't an option for us.)

    2. I would jump on the Piccadilly line and go to the River Cafe in Hammersmith which is an institution and a joy. Very relaxed.

      The more innovative cooking option would be Hedone in Chiswick.

      Both options would be an expensive cab ride there and back - but it really is very easy by tube. What time do you land that evening?

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        We would not thought about taking the tube. That's a great idea!

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          What time in the afternoon/evening do you arrive at Heathrow? From Heathrow it takes about 45 minutes to get into central London (the Piccadilly tube station). You can probably get to Hammersmith in 30 minutes or South Kensington in 35-40 minutes.

          My wife & I have taken the Piccadilly line a number of times from Heathrow into London for dinner (and sometimes a play). We like to stay at the Jurys Inn hotel at Heathrow, which is a short walk from the Hatton Cross tube stop, the first tube stop after you leave Heathrow.

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            Thanks so much for the details on the timing of taking the tube into London. I think that is definitely what we will do. It sounds easier, less expensive, and gives us many choices of restaurants. Thanks to all for your helpful comments.

      2. I would definitely skip a long cab ride into LHR in the early morning of your flight. Traffic can be terrible in and around London and why risk missing your flight. Stay near the airport and have a wonderful dinner the night before, easy traveling back by Tube. Save beautiful Henley for another trip.