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Jan 2, 2013 02:31 PM

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Another year, another run through the closings and changes of the food world in Toronto.

The only one I know of recently is Caju, the Brazilian place at 922 Queen W. Closed on Dec 22 -- didn't even pick up the Christmas and New Year crowd...

Please, lets have some tips and stories!!

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  1. Just read on The Grid that Brock Sheppard will no longer be involved with Burger Bar so he can focus on his Kensington Brewing Co.:

    Fressen's reboot has already mentioned in the 2012 thread, but I guess it might be better to have it filed for 2013:

    1. Nuit and Jeff Regular are leaving Khao San Road suddenly. Longtime KSR business partner Monte Wan is taking over.

      1. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but Loïc Gourmet closed in December and is becoming something called "Heirloom Foods" this year.

        1. The mmmuffins at Yonge/Eglinton Centre closed down. That must have been there for 25 years.

          It might sound silly, but I really love mmmuffins. With each one that closes I die a little.

          One of the few baked goods in Toronto that tastes the same now as they did decades ago.

          This is sad. Please buy a muffin when you run across a location! I don't want to lose this shrinking chain. You won’t be disappointed.

          1. Caju, Brazilian restaurant on Queen W and Shaw closed for good.
            Walked by today. A sign was put up, thanking customers for 10 years of patronage.