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Jan 2, 2013 02:27 PM

Birthday Dinner - Grove vs Richmond Station

Hi CHers,
Looking for somewhere special and new where we I haven't been yet for my birthday dinner in a few weeks. Edulis doesn't seem to have enough on the menu for both the huz (who likes pork, steak and pastas, prepared simply with not too much game/offal action) and I (who prefer fish and veggies). Which of the Grove or Richmond Station would be best for a special-ish meal? For reference, our favourites in the past have been Harbord Room for food, Enoteca Sociale for vibe, Luma for service. Open to suggestions of new/great spots other than the above.

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  1. Edulis currently has 4 fish dishes on their most recent menu but yes the boy might be a little challenged finding something (they do a fantastic Spanish country steak but it's not currently on the menu)

    Love Ben's cooking at the Grove, the menu is pretty short (4 apps, 4 mains) but at present that includes 1 fish dish and what looks like a trad English roast beef supper.

    Haven't tried RS yet

    1. Went to Richmond station for a birthday about a month back and it was very good.
      Their food is very close to (if not exactly) what you describe as your preferences, i.e. various meats, fish, pasta prepared very simply.
      They do have a regular menu on the website, but also usually have a couple of specials that tend to be extremely good.

      We went as a group of 8 and opted for the chef's menu (unofficial option..sort of like omakase). The highlights were the Beef 2 ways, charcuterie, polenta fries and the salads.

      Edited to add the link to the website