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Jan 2, 2013 01:46 PM

Delray seafood-- gotta find this!


A while ago I remember reading about a seafood restaurant in Delray Beach & making a mental note to go there. Of course the mental note has long since slipped out of my brain....but I am trying again with the always helpful Chowhounders.

We will be staying on the beach near Linton Ave, and will be picking up my elderly dad and mom from further South for my fathers' birthday. He does not eat shellfish ( the rest of us do) but he loves a good fresh fish--& I love local and fresh. I thought I remembered a place on Atlantic Ave, but maybe not....can anyone advise me where I could try?

Thanks so much, in advance!

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  1. Here's the menu to City Oyster on Atlantic Ave - it's very good and offers everyone something!

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      ooh, it looks great....thanks so much!

    2. You might want to post this on the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale board which runs from Miami to Palm Beach. You will get a better response.

      1. I wanted to report back to this board as I always appreciate the suggestions I glean wherever I travel from fellow Chowhounders.

        The place I had been trying to think of was J&J Seafood Bar and Grill, at 634 Atlantic. We did go there, and it was good. But an odd place and not what we were expecting. Having been in the restaurant business by virtue of marriage, I have eaten in my fair share of restaurants, so when I saw CIA graduate as chef I was intrigued. It was an odd place though, although the quality of food was very good. Very dim lighting--not atmospheric, just inadequate. An odd mix of
        casual and eclectic that we felt just didn't really work.
        We loved the oyster selection, and the wines were good, choice and price. But all 6 of us felt the food was overly fussy and had a lot of strange combinations--I just can't wrap my head around fish over mashed potatoes, although in Delray it clearly seems to be a "thing". We wanted cleanly prepared, fresh fish that let the fish shine.

        Which led us to....City Oyster, gleaned here from DolceFarNiente. Fabulous! Perfect for the large party we planned, they accommodated our party--12 people aged 18 to 92--with aplomb and the food was wonderful. Everyone loved theirs and the "youngers" could get sushi and whatever they wanted while the olders got their preps how they liked them. I had the best grouper I had had in Florida yet (except for maybe fresh fried in a sandwich in Siesta Key once) and it was a festive atmosphere that was perfect.

        Thanks DFN!