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Jan 2, 2013 01:30 PM

Seeking a butcher to make haggis

I'm hoping to find a butcher willing to make haggis for me. (Haggis = sheep's offal + oats + spices stuffed in a sheep's stomach) Anyone have experience with custom orders from NYC butchers?

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  1. You might find someone willing to try and make one but my understanding is that sheep's lungs - an essential component in traditional haggis recipes - are banned by the USDA. It's sad and frustrating because haggis is a wonderful dish and I used to eat it weekly when I lived in the UK.

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      Oh, I know! It is frustrating. They almost repealed the ban a couple years ago but then for whatever reason didn't. FWIW I'm willing to accept a lung-free haggis, as it will still be loads better than the canned variety.