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Jan 2, 2013 01:17 PM


Where can I find above-average Indian in Columbia? Silver Spring?

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  1. There's lots of good Indian food in Columbia. I've always been partial to Mango Grove and Akbar's.

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      Agreed, it's all pretty good. My favorite is House of India on Snowden River, in the shopping center just north of Akbar. Royal Taj, further up Snowden on McGaw (across from Wegmans) is also good.

    2. I've heard good things about Jewel of India in Silver Spring, but I haven't eaten there yet.

      1. My daughter and I just came back from India with a taste for Indian food. The idley and dhosa at Mango Grove are quite authentic with all the chutneys exactly like we had in Chennai and Bangalore. We'll definitely be back.