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Enchiladas - Minneapolis/St. Paul Dish of the Month (Jan 2013)

The dish of the month for Minneapolis/St. Paul for Jan 2013 is enchiladas. Here's a link to the vote: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/884032

The goal is to collectively try as many versions of enchiladas as possible during the month of January! So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos.

All types of enchiladas are fair game! Looking forward to seeing what people find.

Dave MP

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  1. For those looking to venture out of their comfort zone "Simple Good & Tasty" website has an excellent series on local latin dining, often on the casual side of life which sometimes includes enchiladas.


    1. I love enchiladas that are literally drowned in the sauce so much so that the corn tortillas turn into mush. So my vote goes to Maya.

      1. I was flabbergasted at Pineda/Hi-Lake when they pulled out a blow torch(!) to melt the cheese. That said, the results yielded a surprisingly tasty enchilada. (Chicken verde with tomatillo salsa.)

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          had the roast pork w green sauce at the Plymouth/GV shop, same strip as Tea House. Excellent, close and cheap. Take out cheesecake very good. (Pineda)

        2. Masa may be pricey, but I think their enchiladas are the best I've ever had, in or out of the Twin Cities.

          1. I had the Mi Tierra combo at Boca Chica earlier this week. It comes with a chicken mole enchilada which I found to be quite tasty. I would definitely order the actual enchilada mole dinner in the future.

            (Will also add that the staff was very attentive, they are EXTREMELY accommodating to gluten-free diners, and both the enchilada and sope were good, but unfortunately the tamale was quite dry and lacking in flavor and I'll be sticking to La Loma for my tamale cravings.)

            1. La Loma green chile cheese enchiladas...mmmm. Skip the tamale for once; it's worth it.

              1. Stopped in to the Plymouth Pineda Tacos today and had the pork in salsa verde topped with more salsa verde enchiladas which were excellent. The tomatillo salsa has a nice zing to it with a moderate amount of heat. The portion was huge and since it is the manager's special for the month a two enchilada platter with refrieds and rice, small salad with tomatoes and guac as well as chips and drink for $6.99 + tax.

                As usual this location gets very busy around lunch time on Fridays.

                1. I had to go to a lunch meeting at Theresa's yesterday. Ordered the enchilada. It should be a crime calling the stuff they serve Mexican....

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                    Is Theresa's really that bad? There is one near me in GV. I don't mind El Toro with a 50% off lunch and free chips/salsa every now and then but to your point...I don't confuse myself that its authentic or really quality...even with the wait staff speaking Spanish. I can get that at 90% of the fast food places in the states.

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                        It's really, really bad. Everyone at my table ordered something different but it was hard to tell. Everything was covered in this weird gloppy, brown sauce or doused in a thick coating of tasteless cheese. Along with the enchilada was served a chicken quesadilla. The cheese inside it was nacho cheese. Literally the orange liquid "cheese" you get with your nachos at a ballgame. It was hard to keep down. The They're not even doing inauthentic Mexican well.

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                          That "brown sauce" you are referring to is just that: it's a beef-based gravy with chili powder added to it. That sauce is a basis for "Tex-Mex" enchiladas (and other items). It is an acquired taste, but when prepared properly, it can be delicious. But apparently, Theresa's doesn't do it right (can't say myself as I've never been there). I prefer the thin, tomato-based enchilada sauce myself, but I've had Tex-Mex enchiladas with the brown gravy (in Texas, no less) and they were pretty darn good!

                      2. Had a good enchilada at Burrito Mercado @ MGM, Spicy pork, with green sauce, Ala cart. Good heat, nice sauce flavor, good start. Need to find some seafood enchiladas, my favs to make at home. Going to do some menu searches now.

                        1. Enchiladas Guadalajara at El Parian in Eagan - cheese enchiladas topped with shredded/chunked (and then grilled) carnitas and grilled onions/peppers/tomatoes. There are a few places around that have them, but El Parian has the best version that I've tried.

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                            Thanks for the report Greg! I know El Parian is opening an outpost in Long Lake in the old Peppercorn Grill spot. I haven't been by there lately to see if it's open yet.

                            I love the cheese enchilada/carnitas/veggie combo. The best I've had in the west end of things is at Rey Azteca in Waconia, which isn't saying much. I'm looking forward to checking out El Parian.

                          2. Had a visit to the Midtown Global LaLoma location and went for the #19 enchilada plate with chicken in salsa verde, black beans and rice for $7.50 pre tax.

                            The plate was full when delivered, as it had three six inch enchiladas and the rice and beans. The enchiladas were topped with a salad of iceberg lettuce, slices of tomatoes and avocadoes, as well as salsa verde, crema and cotijo cheese (picture included below).

                            Nice zing from the tomatillo salsa with no real heat to the palate. Black beans were lightly seasoned and delicious. The rice was good but not outstanding.

                            A very good meal for a decent price.

                            My one complaint would be that the tables in the area adjacent to LaLoma should be wiped down more often. I had to wander around the area for a while to find a table that was not either greasy or full of crumbs/rice/beans from other customers.

                            This is something MGM should work on.