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Jan 2, 2013 11:49 AM

Family of four, inexpensive dining suggestions in Charleston

I will be travelling with to Charleston in March with my husband and two teenagers so we need to keep our restaurant costs down but still want to experience good local food. What would you suggest for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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  1. try butcher and bee for lunch (or dinner if they happen to be serving it. you can find out on facebook)

    you could also have AYCE oysters at Bowen's island and watch a sunset.

    I don't know if Cru Cafe would qualify as a bargain, but I think it's a little less pricey than some of my other favorites like FIG and McCrady's and Macintosh.

    EVO pizza is a great place that always has in-season salad and pizza specials. lunch or dinner.

    1. Dixie Supply is a good inexpensive option for breakfast and lunch. Hominy Grill and Jestine's might be good options as well.

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        I find eating well at hominy grill is no more expensive than eating at a chain

      2. Thank you for the suggestions! We are staying at a new Holiday Inn that doesn't open until the end of January, it's on corner of Meeting St. and Woolfe if that helps with the suggestions. I see that a lot of restaurants are on King st which is around the corner.

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          Hominy is closer to your hotel than the others for breakfast.

          You can walk over to King and try Butcher and Bee for lunch, like danna recommended. Places on Upper King like Closed for Business, Basil, and Virginia's are convenient. However, you'll likely be further down King at lunchtime so look at Cru (love) or Magnolia's. There will be touristy places with hawkers on the street trying to get you to come in. hose are the big, get-'em-in, get-'em-out spots that often serve frozen seafood. Bleh.

          If weather permits, Fleet Landing is ok and has great harborside seating. You might also like Amen St Oyster bar.

          I also highly recommend making the trek out to Bowen's for a fun lowcountry experience. And EVO is so excellent if you want to take a drive.

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            And I should throw in 2 Boroughs Larder. I really enjoyed my meal there.


            Interesting link. They have Lex #1 in SC. Wonder if they know a thing, lol.

        2. Bowen's Island is great.

          This iphone app has lots of Charleston recommendations from chefs:

          It's related to the above link.

          1. One of the restaurants I was looking at was Poogan's Porch. My daughter read that it was listed as a possible haunted eatery and would like to go there. Any thoughts on this?

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              We went to Poogan's Porch recently. The food was fantastic - except for the new potatoes cooked in duckfat. Two tries and they were too undercooked to eat. Other than that, service was great, food tasty. We'll go back.

              1. re: jmcarthur8

                Don't know that I would consider Poogan's "inexpensive" -- isn't that what the OP was looking for? But perhaps our definitions of "inexpensive with teens" is a bit different. Personally, out of town visitors have insisted on PP because of the ghost, but can't say that even though it was a few years ago, we either saw ghosts, or had any kind of memorable meal. Except for the biscuits, and they ran out.

                How about Dave's Carryout? In March, could be a lovely picnic in a park since it IS takeout. Great shrimp and the price is right.

                One of the best buys to me is Fast and French -- menu has lots of options just in case the teens are not adventuresome eaters. Another bargain is 181 Palmer, the dining room at TriDent Tech. Check for dates as they vary by semester. In looking at last year's menu, there should be good choices for everyone. And the price is definitely on the inexpensive side for a main meal of the day with 3 courses.

                1. re: birgator

                  Hi birgator.

                  I'll never understand why people insist on haunted places. Do they think they'll see a ghost? Poogan's used to be the best place in town but the last few times I've been it just wasn't as good as 82 Queen or Magnolia's.

                  Dave's is excellent, but some people don't appreciate fried food. I'll never get that.

                  181 fills up fast so call for reservations.

                  1. re: Sue in Mt P

                    Agree w/ Sue...Poogans' time has past...except for the biscuits.