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Jan 2, 2013 11:29 AM

Which are the best MKE restaurants for dessert?

My significant other and I love dessert but we usually do not order them when dining out. At the end of the month, we are taking a couple out for dinner and they love to enjoy great dessert after dinner.

My first thoughts were Mimma's or Dream Dance because we have enjoyed their desserts in the past. Are there any other restaurants that offer better desserts? My guess is possibly yes so that is why I am requesting your opinion and thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. To add to the question, who has the best Lindy's (NY) style cheesecake? The thick heavy kind, not the "Chicago style" light & whipped kind? I usually make one for xgiving and one for New Years but slacked off this year due to my better two-thirds being on a diet.

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      Have you tried cheesecakes from Mimma's in Tosa? To me they are the perfect cheesecake - not heavy and dense but also not light and airy. My fav is one that has a tasty layer of raspberry on the top and then the whole cake is enrobed in a wonderful chocolate. I'm sure they must be offered in a few restaurants. I know Chuck's in Mequon/Theinsville used to carry them but since I don't really care for too many other things on the Chucks menu I couldn't tell you if they still offer them.

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            I love the cheesecake from Simma's. And it is right across the street from Balistreris which has my favorite fried eggplant and excellent pizza.

    2. This is tough as even though I love dessert, it apparently doesn't leave that much of an impression on me as I am having trouble recalling what we have really enjoyed.

      As far as a very recent experience, we were staying at the Iron Horse for one night and had previewed the dessert menu before going to dinner elsewhere. After seeing that menu, the menu where we dined seemed too boring and traditional, so we opted to have dessert back at the hotel. We just tried the pumpkin cake, but thought it was delicious. I am not sure how dinner is in Smyth or Branded these days, but we enjoyed drinks and dessert.

      1. We don't order dessert often (trying to watch our sugar intake), but the last time we ate at Kilawat (at the Hotel InterContinetal), we shared a triple chocolate treat that was very good. It looks like you can get almost the same desserts at the hotel's lounge/bar; I have seen their chocolate bar on a Saturday night and it looked very tempting....

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          I had dinner with a friend this weekend at Kil@wat and we enjoyed the triple chocolate treat you mentioned. It was delicious, but we actually asked if we could swap out the chocolate ice cream for the espresso flavor.

          I also just wanted to comment that we had a really delicious dinner. The entrees we ordered were the trout and pork chops. We were also happy to find some interesting and affordable options on the wine list.

          I know Kil@wat gets some mixed reviews, so I just wanted to put in a good word.

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            "We were also happy to find some interesting and affordable options on the wine list. "

            Well that means we will not be going to Kil@Wat. I took a look at their wine list and I simply cannot be trusted to just order dessert when bottles of Orin Swift, Donnhoff and Cheval Blanc are available at good prices.

            They would probably have to carry me out of there after I was finished ordering and consuming. :-)

        2. Exvaxman - My favorite cheesecake is from Junior's in Brooklyn, NY. I have found none in these parts that compare. The closest may be Suzy's which is dense/heavy but not the same as the best NY cheesecakes.

          bte576 - Iron House is a good idea. It has that kind of eclectic feeling that would be fun for dessert and a night cap.

          shaja - Thanks for the link to the Kil@wat dessert menu. It looks quite tasty and it is usually a good sign when a restaurant has a dedicated pastry chef in charge of desserts.

          Thanks for your ideas!

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            Next time I make one I'll save you a couple of slices.

          2. The original comment has been removed