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Jan 2, 2013 11:18 AM

All You Can Buffets in NY/NJ/CT area?


Are there any all you can eat buffets at kosher establishments in this area? I am aware of the Tues one at Jerusalem in Elizabeth, NJ, and Lins had/has one in Manville, any others around???

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  1. orchidea- for sure one on sunday, perhaps the rest of the week too.

    1. I think Essen deli in Brooklyn has something like that on Thursday nights

      1. I think Shalom Bombay does a lunch buffet.

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          As do most of the vegetarian Indian places if you accept their hashgachas.

        2. wing wan does one on sunday in west hempstead

          and eden wok in new rochelle does one thats i think on monday, but might be wednesday

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            Re: Wing Wan Any idea if sushi is included? Do you know the cost, tried to find online but couldn't

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              I was there a couple of years ago. Sushi was included. Mmmmm, sushi!

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                sushi is included

                i have no clue what the price is, but my sister goes with her kids, so it has to be reasonable

                when i speak to ehr later, ill ask and get back to you

                EJs, also in west hempstead, I think has one as well, or at least they did a few months ago, im thinking monday nights, It was insanely cheap- maybe 12 or 13

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                  Thanks, is EJs the full name so I can look it up? is it a meat place or milk?

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                    Its called EJS Too on Hempstead Avenue. Very good milchig buffet on Wednesdays. Its a pizza place but the buffet has salads and pastas and usually eggplant parm type of offerings as well as fish (teriyaki salmon and I think maybe breaded type as well). There is usually a couple of soup choices and some type of dessert that is out - nothing fancy but decent. Call before just in case. (516) 279-6096.

                    Wing Wan just got an web site as well:

            2. China Glatt is starting one on Thursdays, I think. $26 plus tax and tip, minimum two people.